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Words for your resume resume english name

Words for your resume


A great way to stand out and effectively capture their attention is to include resume power words. Power words are action verbs you can use to highlight your skills and experience to help your resume stand out and increase your chance of moving on to the next step in the hiring process. These words add quick and effective context to your resume, helping employers better understand your value as an employee.

There are many advantages to using power words for resume writing. Using these action verbs will help you accomplish the following:. Power words can help you get your point across while still using industry terms. Sometimes it can be challenging to describe similar duties in a role without repeating the same verb.

Having a list of strong resume words to reference will help you add variety to descriptions, and make the language more compelling. Including power words in your bullet points can make your responsibilities and accomplishments sound more impactful. The descriptive nature of power words allow the recruiter or hiring manager to get a better feel for the efforts and effects of you put forth in that position.

For example, instead of saying: Prospect for new business opportunities by making cold calls and following up on leads. Resume Format 1. Name and contact information 2. Summary or objective 3. Professional history a. Company name b. Dates of tenure c. Description of role and achievement 4. Education 5. Skills 6. Some words will be more effective than others in describing your specific skills and experiences.

First, take the time to review the job posting and identify which requirements align with your strengths and experiences. Then, look for power words that describe those accomplishments and attributes. Here are several power words you can use to share your experience, divided by type of role:.

Related: Words to Avoid and Include on a Resume. The words listed on the job description are the best keywords and key phrases to put on your resume. I worked for five years as a recruiter and never once decided to interview someone or recommend them for a job because of a generic phrase like that. Employers are much more concerned about hard skills and job-related experience on a resume.

For skill-based keywords with an abbreviation, try to include the long and short version of the keyword at least once on your resume. When writing your resume and choosing what keywords and verbs to use, keep in mind that your goal should be to highlight what you accomplished… not just what you were responsible for.

The verbs from the list above will be in bold to help you spot them below. Audited 4 internal processes and systems related to order management, identifying an opportunity to save 1. Oversaw and mentored 10 new team members per quarter, instructing them on the day-to-day work, company policies, and best practices. You now have a list of powerful, effective words for writing your resume, which you should use to lead off bullet points and other sentences. This will show employers how you performed and what you accomplished in past work.

You also know how to find the best keywords for your resume — by using the job description. Get our free PDF with the top 30 interview questions to practice. Share Tweet Share Pin.

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What do they have in common? Pro Tip: What if you land the interview, then they ask you to describe yourself in three words? Looking for resume buzzwords to use in a student resume? Want help making it 10x more effective? Just avoid the most common power words whenever possible. How many words should a resume be? Author the company newsletter? Are you listing work experience the best way on your resume? Poor use of resume action words is a big mistake. The same is true for choosing tenses.

See how to fix this: Resume Tense: Past or Present? What Voice? Your big stick is achievements. Ditch the flowery resume adjectives and cite jaw-dropping accomplishments. Use the resume words below. One or two in a resume can help paint your picture. But stick to a couple. What else can make your resume stand out aside from strong resume phrases and words? Using the best fonts.

Say how many, how much, how often. Find the success. Give numbers. Show value. Use active verbs instead. Pro Tip: Using action verbs for resumes to describe accomplishments? Try to match them to what the hiring manager needs. Besides resume verbs, what else should you put on your resume? Not sure how to present your current position? Lots of jobs need creativity skills. Can formatting help as much as action verbs for a resume? Pro Tip: Action words are a great addition to a CV too.

A CV vs a resume may be two different documents, but both benefit from kicking the content up a notch. Need some great resume keywords that look good on any resume? Want resume skills words that boost your interview odds? You can also use these phrases when writing your cover letter. Find out how to format your cover letter the right way. Is this your first time writing a resume? We have a tailor-made guide for you. Do you have questions resume action words?

Not sure how to use resume power words to get the best effect? Give us a shout in the comments! Let's talk about phrases you love to hate and hate to love! Should you put interests and hobbies on a resume?

Learn the answer to this question, and pick up 5 tips that will help you do it right. Your resume is a biopic and you need to sell it with a great trailer: a professional resume summary statement. But what exactly is a resume summary? How to write a resume that will get you the job you're looking for? This step-by-step guide will show you the best resume examples, and you can write a resume in a few easy steps. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it!

You're about to learn our best resume action words, but first, think about this: What makes this list of resume action words so useful? Gather bottles of shampoo. Now spend the next 3 hours reading the instructions. Did you get tired of, Lather, rinse, repeat? This list of resume action words provides: resume action words grouped by keyword synonym. Description of role and achievement 4.

Education 5. Skills 6. Action verbs are words that express an action. In a resume, action verbs are used to highlight your skills, experience and accomplishments. They are specific, clarify your contributions and bring a confident tone to your resume. Using action verbs that are unique and powerful can increase your chances of capturing the attention of an employer and moving to the next step in the hiring process.

Can you see how the second option is stronger and more detailed? The action verbs make your contribution clear and impactful. Read more: 6 Universal Rules for Resume Writing. Pro tip: Combine your selection of action verbs with quantifiable results to show both what you did and the effect it had.

Below, you will find several action verbs grouped by impact type so you can select the most relevant words for your resume. Related: Create an Indeed Resume to easily apply to jobs. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Image description Resume Format 1.