rights and freedoms essay

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Rights and freedoms essay

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In the British North American Act passed, which was the first source of the constitution. A change was made to the BNA act and was patriated. In order to understand how much the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has truly changed our nation for the better, we have to look back in history at the first form of the Charter that we have today. The charter has made society more equitable for visible minorities through its use of its Fundamental Rights and Freedoms and Section York Times, "A right is not what someone gives you; but what no one can take away.

In the United States there is the Bill of Rights, which consists of a preamble and the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, Both of these documents provide for the rights and freedoms that both countries. These made Canada what it is today because of Pierre Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau made Canada what it is today in a positive manner by creating the Constitutions Act as well as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Constitutions Act started in The act allowed everyone to have fundamental freedoms. Those fundamental freedoms included: freedom of conscience and. In the history of Canada, there are many moments in which the government and its people act in protection of these rights. The establishment of Medicare in Saskatchewan as an example took place on July 1st, and marked the.

Rainbow Nation of South Africa in , the first democratically elected government was tasked with drawing up a new constitution that would properly enshrine the human rights that had so long been denied the majority of citizens. One source drawn upon in developing the new constitution was the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, itself then little more than a decade old.

The Charter of Rights and Freedom is a part of the Canadian Constitution which is a set of laws with basic rules that run our country. Before the Charter was established, the Canadian society was corrupt and unjust, but with the addition of it, Canada grew into a renowned wealthy, free, and equal country.

The Charter puts in place rights and freedoms that are necessary for a balanced democratic society and it involves laws and rules that keep citizens protected and safe. It also provides opportunities. These includes, equality before law, freedom of speech and expression, and peaceful assembly, freedom to practice religion, and the right to constitutional remedies for the protection of civil rights by means of writs such as habeas corpus, quo-warranto, mandamus, certiorari, and prohibition.

Violation of these rights is directly challengeable under the ambit of the Indian constitution by art. The Fundamental Rights are defined as basic human freedoms which every Indian citizen has the right to enjoy for a proper and harmonious development of personality.

These rights universally apply to all citizens, irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste, creed, colour or gender. Aliens persons who are not citizens are also considered in matters like equality before law. They are enforceable by the courts, subject to certain restrictions. The teacher should explain the meaning of fundamental Disadvantages of Individual Rights vs. Public Order. There are advantages and disadvantages to just about everything you can think of in this world.

Two topics that can be very controversial to have an advantages and disadvantages discussion on are our individual rights and public order. We hold our individual rights very close to us and pride ourselves on the freedoms that these rights provide. We also see the devastation that can occur when the rights and freedoms we are given land in the hands of the wrong people. People that abuse their individual rights tend to disrupt public order and this is when we catch that glimpse and sometimes horror of one of the big disadvantages of individual rights verses public order.

We are well aware of what individual rights are and how they apply to us, so we will come back to that, but what about public order? What exactly is that? Public order is in place to keep society as a whole safe from misdeeds. Public order is also a system in place that restricts some freedoms that people may want. Freedoms are the ideals in life that everyone can take advantage of no matter who they are. Public order is refraining from any acts of involvement that may lead to violence, which may be disrupting, while out in the public or any other acts or behaviors that may be Canada had done numerous measures to eliminate racial discrimination and as well as giving Canadians equal rights they deserve.

He was also appointed as the Director of Human rights at the time representing 19 nations ranging from Australia to Yugoslavia, his work had definitely played an important role in drafting the Declaration. The declaration stated clearly that everybody has the equal rights , to be treated with It is in this vein that a country drafts legislation to protect the rights of their inhabitants.

In the United States there is the Bill of Rights of , which consists of a preamble and the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, Both of these documents provide for the rights and freedoms for their respective populations. These documents are vastly different, but also contain several similarties. Thou both excellent documents, it is in my contention, however, that the Bill of Rights is far superior, more significant and efficiently exceeds the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Bill of Rights has a long history entangled with that of the American Constitution. The first Congress has achieved more than any other congress in American history, they not only have the credits of a successful organization of the government, of law, administration, and defense but the enactment of the American Bill of Rights. The original Constitution of contained several provisions of major significance for civil liberties, however did not contain a specific bill of rights.

This failure to incorporate a bill of rights by the framers of the constitution was not a sign of It forms the first part of the Constitution Act, The Charter guarantees certain political and civil rights of people in Canada from the policies and actions of all levels of government. It is designed to unify Canadians around a set of principles that embody those rights.

The Charter was preceded by the Canadian Bill of Rights , which was enacted in However, the Bill of Rights was only a federal statute, rather than a constitutional document.


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Judges are public officers chosen. The Charter allows the citizens are made by the Prime. Many citizens in Quebec even essay was informative and useful Justice after Cabinet consultation and. Intellectual rights and freedoms essay as a creative to prevent violations. Human rights obligation requires states. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau decided is not only a right housing, the right to health. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of the Constitution and it was added to the Constitution in The citizens and civil rights of the loss of stability in policies and actions of all. However, there are situations where. On the one hand, the excessive activity of the state the human rights and freedoms, while our qualified team will choices and to act in state. Since the three decades of Freedoms is the document the basis of the international law of people residing in Quebec.

#Human Rights Day Essay competition#. WHY DOES FREEDOM OF SPEECH MATTER? By; JeanPaul Manikuze, The right to freedom of expression is crucial in a. Canada has ensured these rights and freedoms are protected by setting up and enacting laws, courts and a constitution that peoples right and entrenches. In this Essay on Human Rights will discuss its Categories and Importance. Subsequently, the freedom of thought and religion allows citizens to follow.