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Pay to do tourism business plan

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Business Description Market Analysis Local Market Your market Your Target Market Target Market Research Business Plan for Tourism 6. Investment Request Business Plan for Tourism 1. General Short History Write a short history of the project and how it has developed Company Info The business location Describe the location in connection with other points of interest Physical business address Management Bios Name the people responsible for the management of the project.

Give an outline of their responsibilities. Business Plan for Tourism 2. Business Description Industry Analysis Study the tourism industry in your area. Get numbers, figures and statistics. Mission Try to explain in one sentence what you want to achieve and how you think to achieve it. Think of a slogan that you can use to encourage your co-workers to reach your goal. Business Goals Describe your goals in detail and in several points Project Objectives Describe the objectives to achieve your goals in detail and in several points Future Developments Describe what your futures plans are to further develop your project.

Value Proposition Describe why your project is important, why is it different or of more value then other projects in your area. Establish who you want to attract with your project. Business Plan for Tourism 3. Market Analysis Industry Analysis What are the main tourist attractions in your area?

Where do tourists come from, how long do they stay, what do they want to see. Do they come in groups or as individual travelers? Targets and Growth 1. Local Market The potential of the market is the total number of people who visit your area per year. Find out the growth over the last few years and the expected growth over the next few years. Make a difference in visitors from national origin and international origin. Your market The potential of your market is the total number of people who visit your destination per year.

Show these figures in graphs and tables. You can now make a judgment, founded on the basis of these facts that you should concentrate your efforts on which group of tourists. Target Market Research It is important to try and do some market research to establish your primary and secondary market.

You can do a little survey with all the people that visit your destination over a period of time. A good result can be reached by questioning passengers at the airport or the harbor while waiting for their departure. Other questions can be: How did you hear about our destination Where did you book your visit to our destination What is the purpose of your visit Where did you stay: hotel, family, self catering Where is your home In what socio-economic class do you belong How many people in your family How do you rate your visit to our destination Etc.

B2B Market — Selling your project through an Incoming Agent or a Wholesaler Study the perspectives of selling through an agent who will do your marketing for you, but will take a substantial share of your profits for themselves. Business Plan for Tourism Competitive Analysis Direct: Direct competitors in your area are locations that offer more or less the same product. Indirect: Indirect competitors are destinations that offer a different kind of product or a package including a similar product, but may target the same group of clients.

Also similar products but in a different location may be categorized as indirect competitors. Competitive Positioning: With the help of your SWOT analysis you can establish if your position in the marketplace is unique in your area. Try to find something that makes your product different from direct competitors.

Barriers to enter the market: Name the barriers which may make it difficult to enter your destination or your product into the market. Competitive advantage: Name your advantages which may make it less difficult for your destination or product to enter the market as compared to your competitors. Name at least 5 competitors direct and indirect and study the difference between them and your destination or product.

Makes more hamburgers then any other company. Major Weaknesses Is seen as the representative of American commerce and therefore always a target in anti- America feelings. Is fast food and seen as not healthy. Biggest Opportunities 1. Business Plan for Tourism Biggest Threats 1. Pricing strategy To establish the correct price for your product you have to answer the following questions: 1.

Make a best case scenario 3. Make a worst case scenario 4. Add your profit margin. If you decided to market your product through a wholesaler or incoming agent, add their commissions 6. Compare your product price with that of your competitors for a similar product refer to your SWOT analysis. If you are too high, you will have to cut your expenses somewhere. Set your sales price, preferably for 5 years in advance.

Business Plan for Tourism 4. Product Product Outline Give a general description of your product. What kind of products are you selling? Business Plan for Tourism 5. Marketing Affiliation Marketing Try to find a company or tourist project that you may be able to partner with in order to optimize marketing efforts. Representation in other countries, tourist office. Press trips E-Marketing Marketing through internet. Thanks Vanessa, great list! Your email address will not be published.

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