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Free essays on caffeine



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Some of the most known products with caffeine in them are coffee,chocolate,sodas and tea. What you might not know is that caffeine is also in things you might not expect, such as pain killers and sometimes even ice cream. Caffeine is in. Caffeine is a drug used to stimulate the nervous system, cardiac muscle, and respiratory system. Its molecular structure is C8H10N4O2. Caffeine is excreted by the kidneys, the stomach, and small intestine and goes directly to the bloodstream and brain.

Once ingested, it is rapidly absorbed through the stomach lining, and reaches the bloodstream. It can affect the brain within 15 minutes and can last for hours. It becomes equally distributed throughout the water of the body, later being metabolized. It supposedly motivates athletes and helps them stay alert and focused while also boosting physical endurance by twenty to fifty percent. This stimulant is found naturally in sixty-three plants and is consumed by eighty percent of Americans.

Since long ago caffeine has been part of human life. According to the Chinese legend, tea was accidentally discovered on or about BC. The earliest credible evidence of a coffee tree appears in the fifteenth century in Arabia and rapidly spread to Africa and later to Europe. The stimulant property of caffeine has been known since remote times and in some regions of the world caffeine was illegal or banned.

It was not until when Emil Fischer synthesized caffeine and years later he was awarded. Caffeine, everybody consumes it. It gives adults that proper jolt in their morning coffee to start their day. Many athletes use caffeine to gain a competitive edge, is it worth the risk?

When using caffeine, there are many inconvenient side effects. Caffeine can increase the risk of dehydration. Another more serious risk of pairing exercise and caffeine is the possibility of reaching too high of a heart rate. Using caffeine to boost your performance is unrealistic and inefficient. Athletes should avoid the use of caffeine due to the negative effects on their personal health and physical performance.

Caffeine can be found in almost every drink you can buy in stores. People who consume caffeine usually drink it because of the positive effects it has on them, but they do not realize the harm they are causing their bodies with the caffeine they are putting into them. There are some issues involved with having caffeine on an everyday basis, which include withdrawals symptoms insomnia, dehydration, feelings of fatigue, cardiovascular side effects and health risks when pregnant.

People should watch. Millions of Americans begin each day by consuming the most widely used drug in the United States: Caffeine.

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Free Essays from Help Me | Caffeine Caffeine is the most-widely consumed psychoactive substance by human beings throughout the world (Reid, ). This. Absolutely FREE essays on Caffeine. All examples of topics, summaries were provided by straight-A students. ✍ Get an idea for your paper. Free Essays from Bartleby | Caffeine vs. No Caffeine Humans have used caffeine for the past hundred years to be active and get work done faster, but is.