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Cornell hotel essay

Do you want to design your own major that allows your to integrate various engineering elements into one cohesive piece? Connect your intended area of study to your current activities in high school. For example, if you want to study computer science, you could discuss your AP coursework or a recent programming project. Providing a brief personal history allows your interests to come across as more genuine.

You also need to clearly explain how Cornell Engineering will provide you with the tools to succeed within your given field of study. Discussing these programs makes your interest in Cornell feel more school-specific. Your reasons for attendance should be directly connected to your goals. If you want to study aerospace engineering, you could talk about the Cornell Mars Rover Program.

You could then connect your desire to work on this project team to your ultimate goal of eventually working at NASA. The prompt also specifically asks how you see yourself becoming part of the Cornell engineering community. You should point out specific opportunities that allow you to collaborate with other engineering students, such as Cornell University Sustainable Design.

Our breakdown will focus on these two schools separately, but keep in mind that you can write about both in your essay, especially if your interests and goals are best served by both schools. The Dyson School is known as one of the most competitive at Cornell. Your choice to apply to Dyson should extend beyond a basic interest in economics or management. Having a distinct interdisciplinary focus such as agro-economics is a great way to stand out in your supplemental essay.

Your reasons for applying to Dyson should be supported by your present interests and activities. For example, a student discussing agricultural economics could discuss leadership roles in a local 4H club, or efforts to learn more about agricultural economics through recent journals and news pieces.

Be sure to include your post-college goals and how the College of Business would help you achieve them. SHA consistently ranks as the best hotel school in the United States, and applicants should have a clear, demonstrated interest in hospitality-related careers. In addition to relevant experience, SHA looks for the interpersonal skills required to be successful in the hospitality industry.

Your hospitality experiences should directly show why you chose to apply to SHA and why you are interested in hospitality management. For example, instead of simply listing your duties as a bellhop at a local hotel, describe how the integration of many fast-paced movements at a hotel invigorates you. Connect these experiences to your long-term plans and aspirations, and explain how the Hotel School will provide you with the tools you need to achieve these goals.

If you want to manage a hotel one day, explain how SHA will provide the hands-on experiences and practical skills you will need to run an establishment. While describing your experiences within hospitality, make sure to highlight personal attributes such as your empathy or adaptability, especially through anecdotes.

Perhaps a hotel client once lost his dog, and you went above and beyond to help them make missing dog signs, even putting them up across the city. These details allow an admissions counselor to see that you would thrive at SHA. The College of Human Ecology HE centers around exploration of human connection and the human experience. HE is interdisciplinary by nature with strong roots in research and public engagement. Your supplemental essay should reflect these themes while also explaining your interest in your intended major.

Use your high school classes and extracurriculars to explain why you applied to HE. If you would like to study nutritional sciences, you could discuss your role in the Health Club at your high school. Make sure to explain why your intended career path interests you. Maybe you are a runner and are fascinated by how diet impacts physical performance. Connecting these experiences to a broader desire to improve the human experience — and potentially adding interdisciplinary elements — will help deepen your connection to the College of Human Ecology.

The next aspect of this prompt asks how your major specifically will contribute to your plans for the future. Be as specific as possible. For example, instead of broadly stating that studying fashion design and management will help prepare you for the fashion industry, discuss how the studio-based classes will provide you with both a strong physical skill set and a portfolio of work for job applications.

Or, if you want to start your own sustainable fashion brand, mention how the courses in Fiber Science will allow you to learn about innovative ways to create eco-friendly fibers and dyes. The College of Industrial and Labor Relations ILR studies the world of work, and the intellectual interests you write about should also involve labor and human capital.

The ILR community has a strong drive for public service, so making social service the focus of your essay will help explain your choice in ILR. Given the specificity of the prompt, it is imperative that you provide concrete examples of how experiences relate to your intellectual interests. Your essay should also explain why you are interested in your chosen subject matter to fully address what makes it exciting to you. Does the ability to advocate for others inspire your passion for disability rights in the workplace?

Your reasons can be more personal, too; maybe you have a friend or relative with a disability, and have witnessed how many workers with disabilities are underpaid and taken advantage of. Choose ILR-specific programs to explain why the school is the right fit for you. Most AAP classes are studio-intensive and involve hands-on projects.

As a result, your essay should demonstrate that you are secure in your major decision and ready to engage with a nontraditional learning experience. SHA doesn't just stuff lectures into their student's ears: it prepares its students to be on the vanguard of the hospitality industry. With a multitude tantalizing courses, each taught by hospitality genius, in food and beverages, entrepreneurship, and management offered at SHA, it's impossible for me not to apply.

Along with the courses offered within the college, we're able to explore our other interests in over other courses. In addition, the ability to spend over hours actually working in real-world situations ensures that I'll be able to gain valuable work experience while pursuing what I love. The education the Hotel School offers is not only diverse, but also practical.

The Hotel School truly prepares its students to succeed immediately after graduation. Yet, with so many opportunities at the school, I wouldn't want to leave in just four years! Being from a school with only two-hundred students per grade, I'm already accustomed to small communities with big hearts. Smaller community allows each member to better support each other. And likewise, if others need help, I'll be able to give help.

I prefer not doing things alone, whether it be working out or wading through the swamp that is the college process. But within SHA, I know that there is a bottomless reservoir full of resources and people that will help me succeed.

You have done very well in explaining what makes SHA interesting to you though. Marcus, rather than focusing on explaining why you chose Cornell SHA, you should be explaining what kind of personality you have that makes you a sure bet to become a SHA graduate. I've read about what inspired you to study the hotel and restaurant business. Using the old person's home and their meal time experience was a great touch. I think it is unique in more ways than one.

However, your personality as a potential hotel owner isn't coming forth on the page. The reference to your parents always wanting to work for themselves is also not helping to advance your responses in the essay. Basically, you just described the influence upon your decision to study this course and then the rest of your response went off tangent already. Get it back on track. Discuss what your personal qualities are that would make you an excellent SHA student candidate.

Talk about more than just your volunteer experience to respond to that prompt. The volunteer experience response only got you so far in the development of your response. You need to delete the review that you made of the university and replace that with the reasons why you think you will succeed at SHA instead.

What is the driving force, in terms of your personal character that drove your decision to pick this major? Discuss that in this essay. Hello, " The ability to spend over hours actually working in real-world situations ensures that I'll be able to gain valuable work experience while pursuing what I love.


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To get an opportunity to study in this field, every student needs to choose one of the three majors and write about why or how they developed an interest in it. The best way to approach this is to tell a personal story on the subject.

This story can encompass some experience from your childhood or high school days that made you develop an interest in one of these subjects. For example, that can be a trip to a famous building that made you love architecture. Just make sure it is inspirational and personal. For your admission to an arts sciences college, you will also need to write about how you became interested in this topic.

This college is the biggest one, so while you focus on the major, you can also mention the minor you want to pursue, explain how these two are connected and how they work together. If you, for example, want a major in biology, you can talk about how you got interested in the human body from past experiences and mention a minor in anthropology. You can also talk about a school project that piqued your interest in biology. For the admission essay, you will need to answer two prompt questions: Why are you interested in this college?

Do some research on the college for the first part, and try to try to show what makes you special and why you are the best applicant for this course for the second part. You can also tell a story about your previous work to show that you were born for a career in business. The School of Hotel Administration is the best hospitality management college on the American continent.

Most of the students who apply for admission here have some background in hospitality, so if you are one of them, just talk about your past experiences. Anything that shows why this career is suitable for you will help. Even if you have little or no experience in engineering, you can talk about your career goal s. Talking about plans on working in the industry can work for your application.

Talk about a project you would like to work on or a machine you would design and craft to offer a solution to that problem. Feel free to use research results to back your arguments. In order to gain acceptance in this program, you will need to talk about both your past experiences and plans for the future.

Try mentioning your education or previous projects that are connected to this course and talk about the future and the work you plan to do in the industry. Create an outline based on either Approach 1, 2 recommended , or 3. Some tips before you start writing your essay:. Remember that this is not just another personal statement.

Sometimes, in fact, less is more. Be specific. Whenever possible, offer memorable details or specific experiences. Show the reader you know your stuff. Cornell explicitly requires students to apply to a specific college. Lastly, have some fun with it. I would chart an educational path centered on interdisciplinary learning in your collaborative community, merging stem cells with linguistics; biology with beatboxing; outdoor adventure with poetry.

Cornell offers unique opportunities to expand my medical research interests. Advanced classes like the Regulation of Cell Proliferation, Senescence, and Death—one of the few classes in the country offered on epigenetic regulation and signal transduction-induced pluripotency—perfectly match my interests in stem cells. I am excited by the work of Dr. To my knowledge, similar research is not being conducted anywhere else in the world, and I hope to study signaling pathways and T-cell development under his guidance.

Although I have remained focused on stem cell research, I also have great aspirations beyond molecular biology. A double minor in economics and linguistics will allow me to study interdisciplinary mechanisms and examine humanistic issues through a cultural lens.

A minor in linguistics will further my seven-year-long Spanish journey, and I look forward to academic opportunities encompassing Spanish poetry and poetry of the Americas. While I may not be the archetype paper salesman think Andy! I hope to merge my background in beatboxing and Hindustani Classical music by singing with Tarana, learning from peers and sharing my love of South Asian music with the Cornell community. Medicine now excites me because it is a perfect balance between intense scientific inquiry and dedicated personal connection.

Oh, Cornell, you are gorges. It is the perfect harmony of research, music, and holistic approach to my aspirations, that tells me you are the ideal place to nurture me into a globally aware physician-scientist! Be creative and add personality.

This essay is essentially a love letter from the applicant to the College of Arts and Sciences. The author is able to weave her skills and experience into a really engaging structure that showcases both her sense of humor and playful nature. She loves watching The Office and has fond memories of racing Hot Wheels.

Those details may not seem important, but they give us a fuller picture of who this person is and what kind of energy she would bring to a community. Invest some time in thinking about how you can stand out, and inject personality into your answer. Combine the unconventional. The best essays come out of nowhere. Clearly, this applicant has done her research.

She references specific programs, clubs, and classes she would like to explore if she were admitted. Think about your core values or what resources you absolutely need in a college setting, then try to find places for that within Cornell. Doing that research pays off in the long run. As I hiked through the dense forest on Mt. I took in a breath of fresh air, enjoying the sweet scent of evergreen conifer, and saw a view I would never forget. Mountain goats grazing in a field of wildflowers against the snow capped peak of Mt.

I have always been amazed by the beauty of nature and I want to dedicate my efforts to preserving the planet. By combining a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Robotics, I believe that Cornell will provide the education necessary for me to apply robotic technology to solve global environmental challenges. There is incredible potential for environmental robotics in the future and I am determined to use robotics to rethink environmental cleanup and recovery.

Taking courses like Autonomous Mobile Robots would provide the knowledge necessary to design robots capable of replanting trees and promoting forest regrowth without human intervention. This novel framework would make it possible for robot fleets to be deployed in remote forests and oceans, with long-range human communication. I would be thrilled to attend the weekly sessions like these to learn about novel technology that could have huge potential impacts in the environmental field.

I really discovered the endless applications of robotics in the real world in my junior year of high school when I spent over hours developing a solar-powered blimp designed to aid urban search and rescue for the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair WSSEF.

Taking The Politics of Human-Environment Relations would broaden my perspective on the complex interrelationship between humanity and the environment, giving me insight into how policy can synergize with mechanical engineering to solve pressing environmental issues. Through the Cornell Engineering Co-op Program I would be able to gain invaluable industry experience and exposure to current applications of engineering in the environment. Companies like Droneseed and The Ocean Cleanup are already using drone swarms to replant native trees and robots to clean up ocean trash.

And there is potential for so much more. Earth gives us clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe, and beautiful places to explore. We have an obligation to play a role in sustaining the health of our planet. At Cornell, I would receive an excellent education in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics that would empower me to achieve my dream--applying robotics to save our home.

Be imaginistic and descriptive. Although the format of this essay is different from that of the first example, it still incorporates great, evocative language. You have to be able to convey information in a compelling way for your readers to care. Show a clear plan for the future. She gives specific classes and connects those to her career path.

Find cool connections between some of those interests and emphasize how this makes you multi-faceted! Get outside the college bubble. In it, we get a clear sense that the applicant is passionate about sustainability and the environment. She talks about how much she values nature and cites a few companies that are already doing important work to solve environmental problems.