response essay to a good man is hard to find

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Response essay to a good man is hard to find crime investigation paper research scene

Response essay to a good man is hard to find

Ultimately, The Misfit commands to kill all the family members and kills the grandmom himself. That is how dramatically the story ends. Selfishness and individualism are the essential themes covered in the story A Good Man is Hard to Find. In the story, the grandmother prioritized her interests rather than the interest of her family.

As a result, the tragic ending occurred to everybody. With the example of grandmom, the author shows how the desire to achieve personal needs affects society. The main character of the story — the grandmother — is an entirely selfish woman. Her selfishness reflects in the way she acts, the way she interacts with her family, even in the way she dresses up.

The grandmother is always concerned about her appearance. She is obsessed with the idea of being a lady. So, she dresses up in elegant dresses and fancy hats. Thus, she does not spend time with her grandchildren or help her daughter-in-law with household chores. Instead, the grandmother devotes all the time she has on herself, choosing appropriate dresses and hats.

Besides being ignorant, the grandmom is also a manipulative woman. She effectively manipulates her family members to suit her interests. She just thinks that her cat would be missing her if she left it alone at home.

As a result, the cat becomes a cause of a terrible car crash. Moreover, the grandmother manipulates her family to see a plantation she saw many years ago. After taking a nap in the car, she suddenly remembers a beautiful place she visited while being young.

She wants to recall these memories, so she urges her son to go off the road. The grandmother is sure that Bailey will not be willing to spend much time in an old plantation. Thus, she lies her grandchildren children about a secret panel with plenty of silver in that house.

In reality, she does not know for sure how long it would take to reach that place. However, her sense of self-importance makes her lie to her family. She manipulates her son to achieve the desired result. Being under the pressure of his mother, Bailey follows her directions. As a result, they get into a car accident and meet The Misfit. In the story, the individualism of the woman is confronted with the individualism of the Misfit. Both characters achieve their own needs through surrounding people.

They take whatever they need and move forward, not taking into consideration the needs of others. Both the grandmom and The Misfit are predisposed to be humane. For example, the woman tries to convince the prisoner about the significance of spiritual values.

Thus, she has a clear image of what kindness means. Similarly, The Misfit seems to be a well-behaved person from first sight. For instance, he apologizes for being dressed improperly. Nevertheless, in the inner battle of good and evil, evil wins in both characters. Therefore, individualism takes the upper hand in the character set of both: the grandmother and the Misfit. While being ignorant of other people, the woman and the criminal destroy society.

Their individualistic nature becomes a real threat to the surrounding people. The grandmother and The Misfit have very similar personalities. They both are ready to lie, manipulate, murder to fulfill their desires. The themes of selfishness and individualism worry the author. This issue is critical and should be dealt with immediately. First, decide on the main points you are going to present.

Then, develop a strong thesis, including those ideas. Put everything in words and impress your audience from the very beginning of your essay. However, the central theme is the destructive nature of selfishness and individualism. The grandmother is a woman from the Old South. She considers herself an elegant and graceful lady.

In fact, she is a selfish, judgmental, and manipulative granny. She gets what she desires by disrespecting the people that surround her. It is best seen during the final encounter of the grandmother and The Misfit. This is a controversial question, and the reader needs to decide himself. Following suit of the popularity of serial killers, they have become ingrained in our culture through art, books, news, talk-shows, and movies.

He appeared to be a messenger from the desert, but his presence was much more powerful than that of a mere messenger. The boy viewed this unusual man as some messenger, as did I. Though it turned out, this assumption was all wrong. The mysterious man happened to be the alchemist. As you can see, this perfectly explains what alchemists are like. People perceive them as normal human beings, but they. The tale she constructed starts off with the grandmother being reluctant to the idea of attending a family vacation in Florida; however, the grandmother mood transformed the following day.

As the journey progressed, the grandmother reminisced about an old childhood plantation she visited when she was an adolescent. After revealing to her grandchildren how there was a secret panel on the plantation in Georgia, the children agitated their father until he capitulated. As Bailey is driving down the road his mother directed him to travel upon, something tragic occurs due to a series of events that began with the grandmother realizing she was incorrect …show more content… The grandmother displayed behaviors of being self-centered.

It was rude of her as a guest on the trip to try and make it all about herself. If she wanted to see her friends in Tennessee, she should have made her over personal trip to go there. Furthermore, she purposely lied about there being a secret panel to her grandchildren to stir them up, resulting in them going to the plantation.

First, it illustrates that the grandmother knew her son would not want to waste time on sight seeing an old home. This story not only gives the reader insight of the past, but also, it leaves the reader in shock when a change of events starts happening. Get Access. Reading Response Analysis 'Moments' by Emerson Drive Words 6 Pages that, whenever a person reads, they go through three response stages in what is labeled as their reading response analysis. Read More. The Trolley Problem Essay Words 9 Pages other people and refraining and doing nothing would allow the five to die and the one person to live.


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June Star is The family takes a detour down a dirt road to look at an old plantation house that the grandmother tells a story about. She describes the house in such an intriguing way that most of the family is very eager to see it.

Answer the following questions: Are there any details that were newly recognized during this reading or that you notice tie in with earlier ones? I gained a better visual of the car the family was riding in while re-reading the story. I also became aware of the fact that at the end of the story The Misfit picks up the cat after it had been thrown from the car and the grandmother had been killed. If evident, what significance does the title hold, and in what possible ways is it lined to the actions and the characters?

The reference of a good man was seen throughout the entire story. I believe in comparison there is symbolism between the idea of a good man like Red Sammy versus a character like The Misfit is a direct representation of Good and Evil. Are there any words that are unfamiliar, and how does knowing what they mean make a difference in re-reading the story? Valise suitcase , Sachet purse , Ambling saunter: to walk leisurely. Knowing the definition of these terms allowed me to better understand the appearance of Shortley uses her friendship with Mrs.

McIntyre to refresh her self-esteem just as the peacock uses its colors and spots to gain attention and affection. The grandmother takes advantage of her old age and uses it as an excuse for attention as the Misfit uses his mysteriousness as an excuse for crime.

Shortley, pity and grief for the old woman, and attention for the grandmother. Always in the right place at the right time to take attention away from those who deserve it is Mrs. The first sighting of the displaced persons was a spectacle for Mrs. Shortley as she realized the people did not look like aliens or animals, but were in fact human. Better yet, these new workers had some better qualities.

The husband turned out to be handier for working Telling only the details of what is happening, and not really giving any insight into any of the characters. She describes the situation and allows the reader to come to their own conclusions and conceptions of each of the characters involved. For me, this made the story that much more interesting, to be able to decide for myself which characters I liked and disliked, without the narration pushing me to feel a certain way.

He shows his lack of faith in God throughout the story , claiming "Jesus was the only One that ever raised the dead, and He shouldn't have done it. He shown everything off balance. This story starts out with a grandmother who lives with her son and his family. The Family decides to drive down to Florida for a vacation even though the grandmother protests it and states that she would rather go to Tennessee. The main reason why she doesn't want to go to Florida is because she has read about a crazed killer by the name of the Misfit who is on the run heading for Florida.

The story starts out normal and on a steady pace but then all of the sudden a surprising turn of events take place. At the morning of the trip the grandmother is the first one in the car ready to go as her grandchild June Star predicted she would be, "She wouldn't stay at home for a million buck.

She has to go everywhere we go". The two eventually have it out verbally. The grandmother's attempt to show the Misfit the potential merits of Christianity results in her murder. The Misfit remains disillusioned with religion, morality, or familial love. O'Connor's audience could be anyone, young, old, rich, poor, educated or not.

The story is short and easy to read. Although perhaps unsuitable for younger children because of the overt violence, "A Good Man is Hard to Find" remains accessible for most readers. Because the story is squarely set in the American south and because of the central theme of spiritual disillusionment, however, "A Good Man is Hard to Find" was probably written mostly for an American audience.

Americans in particular may used to reading about social "misfits" who go on killing rampages because of the prevalence of violence in the mainstream media. The first line of the story, "The grandmother didn't want to go to Florida" reveals the grandmother's stubborn, self-willed nature and also establishes her as the protagonist. Ironically, the protagonist of the story is never named.


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Why a Good Man Is Hard to Find

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Response to the short story 'A Good Man is Hard to Find' by Flannery O'Connor (). Essay by JBob, College, Undergraduate, December Free Essay: Flannery O'Connor's “A Good Man is Hard to Find” has many strange characteristics that set it apart from most stories. The blatant and somewhat. Grandmother's reaction is to desperately call him a good man. The reaction is an attempt to appeal to his assumed underlying values. They are.