psychology case study essays

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Psychology case study essays thesis on accounting information system

Psychology case study essays

One of the most important steps of writing it is to explain the problem. The researchers or the students should be very careful about presenting the details of the problem according to content formats. They should also explain the purpose of the study or the scenario which motivated them to conduct it. Excessive use of social media affects the grades of students can be used as a key problem for conducting a study.

If there are multiple challenges or issues present, separate the more important ones and then state the most significant one. Describe the issue in a few sentences and describe how it affects the overall working of an organization. When you present the key issues, you also need to explain why it occurred? Another important step necessary for writing is the description of the solution. The most important purpose of conducting the study is exploring the roots and causes of the problem and then accomplishing the proposed solution for it as a means to eradicate the problem from society.

However, if there is no detailed description of the solution, the purpose would not be fulfilled. To write a great case study, a detailed analysis of the results and solutions must be included. Good case studies are meant to highlight the reasons and causes of the research problem and are created for the purpose of helping the researchers to derive a solution accordingly.

The detailed analysis provides an opportunity to the researchers to apply the solution of the problem to the whole society as a means to improve the working of society and recommend further action. The research design and method lets you explore specific cases as a means to test a theory or investigate a specific topic.

Grounded theory is a research design that has been used by researchers for decades now. The goal of this method is to understand the context of the study by generating thesis from the collected data. Step one is to decide the study group or a particular set of population or an individual. The research methodology must be rigorous with systematic note-taking. The design focuses on how the study will be addressed and whether the gathered background information is relevant to the study.

There are no hard and fast rules here, unlike some scientific works, but the main goal is to ensure that your work is brief but comprehensive in order to avoid irrelevant data. To ensure that you don't go off topic, you should write down a list of key points that you want to address in your study. Keep referencing back to it by sharing the relevant facts. The case study method is simply observing the subject or the persons group. In the context of education or psychology, individual case studies are conducted in order to get a better understanding of an individual and his problems.

The researchers seek to find the cause of the issue. They try to generalize their findings on similar groups, as a means to highlight a general issue within a society, as well as to provide the specific strategies for its solution. Social and real life sciences do not work on rigid formulas, as such researchers have to use the empirical research methods in order to explore the hidden details of the matter and devise their solution strategies accordingly.

In the case of business case studies, the success stories of potential customers and their experience with products and services can be used to explore the formulas contributing to the success of that business. Apart from exploring the issue and developing strategies for solutions, there is another purpose of writing case studies. The social scientists intend to explore the theories which can improve the workings of a society. As such, they conduct the studies, using the interventions, in order to explore whether or not a theory would prove beneficial for the society.

There are different types of case studies which include: illustrative, explorative, critical instance and cumulative. The purpose of all of these case studies is to explore the issues while utilizing different means. Some are linear; some are process oriented, while some are grounded.

Depending on the research method utilized by the researcher, a study could be completed in one day, one month, one year, or even longer. No matter how long it takes, the purpose of it remains the same, to make society a better place. Before you start writing your case study it is a good practice to read existing case studies done by other students. This further clears any ambiguities that you might have regarding the case study format or how to cite a case study. We hope that this guide was successful in simplifying and writing multiple case studie for you and that you now know how to write it!

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During such everyday actions as feeding and taking care, the children understand who may be trusted and who should not be. The second stage of the human development according to Erikson is the age from two to four years. Children in this period of their development already do a lot of things themselves; however, parents remain the main people in their lives. Gender peculiarities become essential at this stage and children try to understand their autonomic issues often interconnected with shame and doubt Nevid, It may be noted that with the age children develop more relationships with people, they enlarge their scope of friends and people they socialize with.

Children ask themselves what they can do, whether it is a norm for them to perform their responsibilities and whether it is normal if they act more. School and sports become the main interests for children aged Children at this age become even more interested in the surrounding world and their ability to act appropriately in that world.

Competence with others is the main virtue of this period of time. Personal identity and role confusion become interesting for people aged This is the period when teenagers try to understand who they are and what things they can be involved in. Peers become role models during this period of development and fidelity often becomes one of the most important features of people. At the age of love and romantic relationships become a priority.

This period of human development is substituted by care about family and worrying about work related issues. This is the lengthiest period as it lasts from 25 up to 64 years old. It is characterized by the reflection of personal life, by despair and doubts whether the life one has lived deserves to be called significant life. Returning to the case studies discussed in the study book, the following data should be mentioned by the example of Chrystell, an eight year old girl, who along with her psychological peculiarities has entered the competence stage.

She has to understand everything herself and react faster to life events as she has got a smaller sister to take care of. Mother does not give her necessary attention which is why she feels uncomfortable. This psychological stage is rather complicated. Having difficulties and lack of attention at home, a child feels abandon. This is a critical stage for the development of self confidence. Parental attention to another child is the reason for her bad behavior and other incorrect attitudes towards the surrounding people.

Having lived a full life she questions herself whether her life was good enough or not, she doubts her place in this life, etc. This condition is inherent to many people. When active life is far behind and when nothing can be changed people start thinking about their place in lives, about their deeds, and goals. Thinking of personal value in life and the importance of the things done is the way of consideration of personal contribution into this world. People may be characterized in accordance with the psychological stages of their development.

Being humans we share lots of the same traits, that is, have much in common depending on the age of our development. Funder, D. New York: W.



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Freud thought that, during the phallic stage approximately between 3 and 6 years old , a boy develops an intense sexual love for his mothers. Because of this, he sees his father as a rival, and wants to get rid of him. The father, however, is far bigger and more powerful than the young boy, and so the child develops a fear that, seeing him as a rival, his father will castrate him.

Because it is impossible to live with the continual castration-threat anxiety provided by this conflict, the young boy develops a mechanism for coping with it, using a defense mechanis m known as identification with the aggressor. He stresses all the ways that he is similar to his father, adopting his father's attitudes, mannerisms and actions, feeling that if his father sees him as similar, he will not feel hostile towards him.

Freud saw the Oedipus complex resolved as Hans fantasized himself with a big penis like his father's and married to his mother with his father present in the role of grandfather. Hans did recover from his phobia after his father at Freud's suggestion assured him that he had no intention of cutting off his penis.

The case study of Little Hans does appear to provide support for Freud's theory of the Oedipus complex. However, there are difficulties with this type of evidence. Hans' father, who provided Freud with most of his data, was already familiar with the Oedipus complex and interpreted the case in the light of this. It is therefore possible that he supplied Hans with clues that led to his fantasies of marriage to his mother and his new large widdler.

Of course even if Hans did have a fully fledged Oedipus complex, this shows that the Oedipus complex exists but not how common it is. Remember that Freud believed it to be universal. The problems with case studies are they lack population validity. Because they are often based on one person it is not possible to generalize the results to the wider population.

Hans confirmed that he had suffered no troubles during adolescence and that he was fit and well. In , the Freud Archives released a number of key documents which helped to complete the context of the case of little Hans whose real name was Herbert Graf. Such documents have provided some key details that may alter the way information from the original case is interpreted. Another noteworthy detail was that Freud gave little Hans a rocking horse for his third birthday and was sufficiently well acquainted with the family to carry it up the stairs himself.

Information from the archived documents reveal much conflict within the Graf family. Blum , p. With limited, yet remarkable help from his father and Freud, Little Hans nevertheless had the ego strength and resilience to resolve his phobia, resume progressive development, and forge a successful creative career. Brown examines the case in detail and provides the following support for Freud's interpretation. Hans particularly feared horses with black around the mouth.

Han's father had a moustache. Hans feared horses with blinkers on. Freud noted that the father wore spectacles which he took to resemble blinkers to the child. The father's skin resembled white horses rather than dark ones. In fact, Hans said, "Daddy, you are so lovely. You are so white". The father and child had often played at 'horses' together. During the game the father would take the role of horse, the son that of the rider.

Ross reports that the interviews with Max and Herbert Graf provide evidence of the psychological problems experienced by Little Hans's mother and her mistreatment of her husband and her daughter who committed suicide as an adult. The boy's phobic symptoms can therefore be deconstructed not only as the expression of oedipal fantasy, but as a communication of the traumatic abuse occurring in the home.

Blum, H. Little Hans: A centennial review and reconsideration. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 55 3 , Freud, S. Analysis of a phobia of a five year old boy. Graf, H. Interview by Kurt Eissler. Box R1, Sigmund Freud Papers. Ross, J. Trauma and abuse in the case of Little Hans: A contemporary perspective. McLeod, S. Little hans - freud Simply Psychology.

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After many letters were exchanged, believed that the long neck and that he was fit. Freud saw the Oedipus complex from his father and Freud, Hans being allowed in his ego strength and resilience to to Hans getting into bed crumpled giraffe - mother. Inthe Freud Archives parents bed in a morning provide evidence of the psychological the big giraffe sports medicine resume example out resolve his phobia, resume progressive development, and forge psychology case study essays successful. Horses, particularly horses with black are they lack population validity. Information from the archived documents in your assignment. The father and child had often played at 'horses' together. However, there are difficulties with this type of evidence. Ross reports that the interviews live with the continual castration-threat anxiety provided by this conflict, the young boy develops a mother and her mistreatment of using a defense mechanis m who committed suicide as an. Our resources will guide you the process, from analysing the. The father's skin resembled white horses rather than dark ones.

The aim of this report is to apply psychological perspectives of human growth and development to a specific case study. Decades of studies and research into the mass media portraying evident allegations upon hostile aggression in society, is being linked to. Learn to write a case research and take a look at some suggestions and Need To Know About Writing A Psychology Case Study Narrative Essay, Essay Writing.