desalination business plan

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Desalination business plan

In total, recommended desalination projects would create about , acre-feet per year of new water supplies by , with In reverse osmosis, salt water on one side of a semi-permeable membrane is subjected to pressure, causing fresh water to diffuse through the membrane leaving behind a concentrate stream. The concentrate stream contains the majority of the dissolved minerals and other contaminants, which needs to be safely disposed off. Concentrate management can become one of the most important factors in determining the feasibility of a plant.

Concentrate produced during seawater desalination can be disposed through deep well injection on land or returned to the ocean in a controlled process to avoid detrimental effect to the environment or marine life. For concentrates produced in inland facilities, a few other options exist.

These include disposal to surface water bodies, evaporation ponds, or to wastewater treatment plants. In some instances, the concentrate can also be utilized beneficially for industrial processes. Desalinated seawater could be piped directly to non-coastal customers using existing or new pipelines. Potentially, once desalinated seawater becomes available in the coastal areas, there would be a ripple effect benefit for the environment and water users located away from the coast.

Whether desalination will replace, supplement, or complement other technologies will depend to a large extent on its affordability and the availability of the raw resource brackish groundwater or seawater close to areas of expected shortages. The state financial assistance programs, federal appropriations, and private participation may be used for funding desalination projects.

Texas currently has a total municipal desalination capacity of approximately million gallons per day , acre-feet per year which includes 85 million gallons per day 95, acre-feet per year of brackish groundwater desalination, 54 million gallons per day 60, acre-feet per year of brackish surface water desalination, and 2. At present, there are no seawater desalination plants in Texas.

There are about brackish groundwater desalination plants in the United States. Almost half of them 45 percent are in Florida, 14 percent in California, and 9 percent in Texas Mickley and others, and Nicot and others, Texas is building a seawater desalination plant for industrial use see Question 16 , above.

California has a total of 10 operating seawater desalination facilities, where 6 plants are active and four are not Cooley, Of the six active seawater desalination plants, three are used for municipal purposes. California is also proposing about nine desalination plants along the Pacific Coast. Yes, there are about 18, desalination facilities located in countries worldwide with a total capacity of about Flood Community Assistance What to Do?

Federal Flood Funds Reporting. Workshops Workshops. I often hear terms like brackish water, saline water, seawater, and brine in reference to desalination. What is the difference between them? Why is desalination an important issue in Texas today? How can water users not located on the coast benefit from desalinated seawater? If an entity wishes to build a desalination plant and does not need state funding, does the TWDB have a say in whether or not it gets built?

How are the impacts to the environment considered in the development of desalination projects? How much does desalination cost? What is the average unit cost of desalinated brackish groundwater? How long does it take to build a plant, from the permit phase to the final construction phase? Does desalinating seawater hurt the marine life in the ocean? How will desalination affect the Regional and State Water Plans?

What happens to the salt that is removed from the water? How will desalinated seawater reach non-coastal areas for use? If desalination plants become widespread, could Texas avoid having to build news dams and reservoirs to meet water needs in the future?

How will seawater desalination projects be funded? How many brackish groundwater desalination plants are currently in operation in Texas? How many seawater desalination plants? How many desalination brackish water and seawater plants are there in the United States? Where are most of them located? Are there desalination plants in other countries? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 1.

What is desalination? Back to List of Questions 2. Members of the Aethos team conducted the commercial, technical and legal due diligence on the investment opportunity, before guiding the investor group in its acquisition of a water desalination business. Following the investment, Cherian Thomas sat on the board of directors as a shareholder representative and fulfilled the role of chairman of the board: he provided periodic reporting and acted as the investor liaison with the management team.

This included supporting the original acquisition of the lease for the water desalination plant and advising directly on pricing and commercial discussions: for example, the team successfully negotiated a guaranteed offtake agreement with a key customer for the plant. Under the guidance of Aethos team members, the start-up business experienced a surge in growth and significantly developed its output capacity: it evolved from a small plant producing 0. Through providing a compelling vision and developing a unique and effective business strategy for the start-up company on behalf of their private equity client, members of the Aethos team developed a long-standing relationship and affiliation with the water desalination company.



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