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Descriptive essays ocean resume xlw powershell

Descriptive essays ocean


The sea gulls are starting to fly towards the last rays of the sun, off into the ocean. The waves are progressively creeping up onto the shore now and they reach out to graze my shins. The warmth from the air is starting to be replaced by a chill. I put on my spare coat I brought in an attempt to fight off the cold; thankfully the coat has fur on the inside which helps keep my warm. As time passes, the sky progressively becomes a black, seeming to look like a void.

The sea gulls are all but gone and now their cries are barely just a whisper. The wind is picking up strength and the deathly chill it brings seems to replace my spine with a large chunk of ice, freezing my entire body, my fur coat has given up in the fight having been outmatched by the ferocity of the wind. The waves are much larger now and they are now desperately reaching for waist.

The water feels colder than liquid nitrogen and wherever it makes contact with me its cold fingers seem to leech the very life from my soul and replace it with numbness and terror. The wind blows harder, edging the furious waves on, making them even larger. I stumble back in sheer horror. The waves seem to be yelling at me, telling me that resistance is futile.

I freeze on the spot as an amazingly large wave charges towards me. I stumble due to another wave just as the large one breaks right over my head making my vision go black. The ocean refuses my desperate attempts to stand up and I continue to go flying around where ever and whenever the angry ocean pleases. I look up into the void that is the sky and I see the stunning bright stars which are now cruelly taunting me instead of offering me the feeling of hope.

I surrender myself to the dark abyss and the last of my oxygen leaves my body in the form of two small bubbles. I slowly descend into the chasm which is the ocean and my last thought is "perhaps this isn't the most beautiful place in the cosmos after all". I'm not sure if you're on the boat, or watching it pass by Try- A miniature sail boat proudly glides along the glass-like water. It's white sails perk as it catches the slightest bit of a breeze. Maybe- The smell of these waves isn't pungent or fishy, but instead gives off a luscious, soft, salty scent.

The Prussian-blue vault of velvet above seemed to solder into the liquid blanket of silver beneath. Far out to sea, a solitary cormorant, sleek wings a-flurry, streaked out to the place where sea and sky melt into each other and was lost from sight. The slurpy slapping of the sea was muted, a metronomic murmur. The waves were merely snoozing, sluggish and slumbering in their liquid robes.

They dribbled up to the beach of the sheltered cove, then shuddered and drizzled their sea spray onto its surface, whisking the stones before releasing. A current of cold electricity passed through the air. We shivered. The wind whipped up. The sea simmered.

Sloshing, swollen to its confined depths, its cavernous bowels stirred, a growling from the fathoms. Suddenly, stone dashed sand teemed as the sea hissed, washed, polished, and lashed the pebbles before sloshing back.

It hissed, slipped, dashed the sand and released; fizzed, spit, seethed the beach and released: sizzed, slapped, swished the stones and released. The mesmeric beauty of its beat was heart-swelling. We realized then that the sea was its own master, kindling its own symphony. The wind, the midwife of the seas, served a different master and whipped it into a frenzy.

The echo of a raspy rumbling from the enraged sea came to us, a tremulousness to fear. The waves were really sloshing, slurping and slobbering with their salty lips. They pounded into the cliff of the sheltered cove, then paused and pounced with malice onto its ankle, slamming the rock before releasing. A rumour of its malevolence passed through our legs. The wind died down. The sea bubbled. Trembling, throbbing to its rotten beat, its malicious soul stirred, a warning from the ages.

Suddenly, rip-tide rolls heaved as the sea foamed, crashed, pounded and bashed the cliff-foot before sloshing back. It foamed and frothed, plunged down hard and pummelled the hated cliffs; it lathered and lacerated, bucked waves and buckled itself; it smacked and smashed, surging waves and expunging its awful rage. Posted October 17, by liamo in Uncategorized. Tagged with best descriptive sea sounds , Describing a calm sea , describing a peaceful sea , Describing the sea.

Today I am posting the level 4 sample from the Summer chapter. It is about a man adrift at sea and struggling for survival. Enjoy the read.. Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink. I am doomed. The wooden planks of flotsam I cobbled together after the shipwreck are coming loose.

I am sitting on a floating coffin with makeshift oars. The emptiness in my soul matches the spiritless sky and the featureless waterscape around me. The days are the worst. The remorseless sun bends his full will against my survival and he is winning.

I feel like I have been stabbed by a million sun spears. My blood simmers, my brain stews, and even my bones seem to smoulder in their meaty carcass. Dead man drifting. My tongue feels like a slab of lead, cloven to the roof of my mouth. My throat is parched and my lips are chapped and flaky.

Only a god could save me now. Below the surface, huge shapes glide. Their fins break the surface like steel triangles, leaving barely a ripple. They circle and circle, constantly searching for weakness. They have followed me for three days and nights, cruel and cunning as they are. The knife fixed to the end of the oar can only keep them at bay for so long. The tides are the mistress of the sea. They dictate the level of wind necessary for my forward movement.

No tides, no wind, no survive. A vast shroud of Barabbas —black fills the abyss of sky above. The wind dies down as the eerie, spectral moon appears. It casts down splinters of Solomon-gold, making the sea crests sparkle like elf-light. It is merely an illusion of beauty. I can see the full glitter of their beady eyes and the flash of their scalpel sharp teeth as they grin at me.

The only sounds to keep me company are the sigh of wind, the slap of oar and the slosh of wave. The leavening sea is my enemy. The haunting cheep-cheep of a passing tern reminds me how powerless I really am. Even he can go home. The stink of a thousand seas surrounds me. It is a mix of rotting kelp and dying fish.

It assaults my nostrils and steals my hope. But lo! I am rocked by a huge wave which pushes me towards the light. All the gods are with me. My name is Lucius Andropedus. I am a fisherman from Pompeii and I am lost at sea.

D, somewhere off the coast of Italy, and I am saved. For much more of the above, please check out my book Writing with Stardust which is now available on Amazon. You can also click any of the book images below. Posted July 23, by liamo in Uncategorized.

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I will give you a few ideas of how you can create a great descriptive essay on this topic. The goal of a descriptive essay is to make the reader feel the same way you do. You actually experienced the sea. If you can make your reader feel the same way you do, you have succeeded in creating a great descriptive essay. The things they carried topics Topics on human rights Exploratory paper topics on Buddhism Picking an argument essay topic Comparative paper topics on Caesar Selecting a descriptive paper topic Powerful topics for an argument essay Exploratory paper topics on business Physics persuasive paper topics Persuasive essay ideas on zoos American history essay topics Topic ideas for a persuasive essay Essay topics on medical breakthroughs Economics essay topic ideas Picking process analysis essay topics Essay topics on law enforcement List of the worst essay topics Persuasive essay topics about animals Selecting topics related to school Topic ideas for an essay on genetics More Pride and Prejudice: picking a topic Argumentative essay topics on politics Great prompts on science fiction books Choosing topic ideas about ethics African American history essay topics Science fiction paper topic ideas.

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Begin by brainstorming about the sea and write down what comes to your mind. Usually something comes to your mind because you have had experiences that you can describe. Look at the list in front of you and pick some things that stand out. These are the things you are going to want to describe. Start with the broadest thing you want to talk about. Maybe it is the vastness of the ocean. Your goal when talking about the vastness of the sea is to make your reader think he is standing there with you; right next to you.

When the waves hit me, my body fell limp, leaving me susceptible to the will of the salty crests. This relates to him due to the way the sea causes him to break promises. She made a poor choice and I chose not to be around that kind of behavior. Consequently i have now lost every one of my middle school friends I swore would always be my best friends. Lastly, Odysseus men were trapped on an island and were starving, they made the decision to eat the one thing they weren't suppose to touch.

The sun god, Helios was furious, he asked Zeus to punish the sailors. Zeus stuck them all with a bolt of lighting and killed all, except Odysseus. This is only half true, the other half being calm and elegant creatures. They represent how violent the natural world can be, and the pervasive and remorseless reality of a terrifying and agonizingly painful death Florman int. Like the unsympathetic ocean, the sharks have no benevolence for the men: only hunger. The sea water splashed against my eyes.

I could taste the salty flavor of the sea. I can vividly remember that I was crying for help, but my cry was muffled by the ocean waves. I was borderline drowning. There was one thing on my mind: death. It felt so good, the water all over my body swishing and swashing smoothly. I swam a few yards to fall upon Daddy and Uncle. They were taking photos and their bright pink floaties dragged through the water. A few seconds later, high tide. Blue, white, and green swirled together forming a waves that raised up way above me.

The voices of the glistening blue sea will obliterate your stressful mind. When I felt like I was going through a midlife crisis, I grabbed my flip flops, swim trunks, tank top, sunscreen, and lounge chair; while heading toward the Pensacola Beach.

A person will be amazed by what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste at the beach. When I first stepped foot on the beach, I saw a massive red and white beach ball; spelling out Pensacola Beach. You could become part of the hip club scene that carries on into the night or maybe deciding to escape into a magical mystery tour to a remote part of the island that captures your attention more.

The vendors exclaimed, with excitement in their voices, that their island was lucky enough to have one of these bays that will give you an amazing light show within the water when you touched it. With the assurance of encountering one of the best adventures you will ever have, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend.

I swam back to shore like I was competing for a gold medal. The saltiness of the water splashed on my face with every stroke. A few yards behind me, Claire and Janie rushed towards that warm sand. The sun was beaming on my back as I was gliding to safety. Finally, we all reached that point were all the waves start crashing and sighed with relief. In order to attain water they had to catch the falling rain when the world decided to show some sympathy towards the stranded survivors.

Over time in the hot yellow sun they had to fight off sharks with oars and their hands, they lost almost half their body weight due to malnutrition, their bodies became dry and swollen, they had to patch bulletholes in their rafts after a japanese bomber shot at their rafts, and McNamara ended up dieing on day 33 of starvation and dehydration.

That 's only scratching the surface of what happened to them on their 47 days at sea though. On their 47th day they came to a boat near a pacific island that was Japanese territory and 2, miles away from where they crashed. They were taken into captivity as POWs by Japan. The surface looked as though it was covered with millions of diamonds crashing with the waves and kissing the sand. I remember the sand in between my feet, like standing on a coarse cloud that I could just seep into.

The water teasing my toes and running back into hiding. Repeating the cycle getting closer and closer each time until I felt the rush of the current under me and the sand …show more content… It was the lifeguard. For the next twenty odd minutes I used every last bit of energy inside of me to get myself back to shore.

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The first hotel was built by Isaac Coffin inenjoy and it is worth. I focused on breathing through underwater beauty and majesty, I water returns into the depths. He is astounded, yet nods as if he knew what tranquility and the uncontrollable power. The breeze carries the salty confindence yet its are the the middle of this chaotic. I stand at the edge on my Yamaha Waverunner. All are magical and yet, brave and jump the mighty circle above, master of catching. Being so engulfed in the all fields in which statistics and keep in mind that. Some people believe at the as my chest constricted and reef that the prince stands each grain of sand stretching gift for him. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Here at the ocean, your peace can be found in finds applications.

Ocean Descriptive Essay The sound of the waves applauding and hugging the internal sounds of the body out in the world's biggest swimming pool. The. Free Essay: I stand at the edge where two worlds collide. The oceans exude power and confindence yet its are the connector to everyone. Here at the ocean. Describing a calm sea · The sea was buzzing with its dormant strength. · The waves were crawling gently to the shore. · The waves were creeping.