professional persuasive essay on donald trump

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Professional persuasive essay on donald trump popular masters phd essay sample

Professional persuasive essay on donald trump

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Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Who would you like to see being the next leader of our country? Personally, Donald J. Trump would be the best fit for the leader of our country. He is an experienced businessman who is highly qualified for the leader of this country and the person who is in control of our country. Our country needs someone who is experienced in money to get us out of all the debt that we are in Our country need someone who can balance all of these things,and make the country safe, make it reasonable to go to the doctor, as well as give everyone that deserves that right to an education beyond high school receives one.

Donald Trump is wanting to decrease the the amount of collage in order to make it easier to pay for colleges and debt ,he wants to make our country safer and clean up our cities also, he wants to have high quality affordable insurance, lastly but not least he doesn't support government funding for abortion.

The well being of our country right now is awful Donald J. Trump can get us out of that. Donald Trump has plans to decrease the amount of college in order to make it affordable for everyone. As a businessman, there was little need to compromise with others in how he ran his company.

However, as the president of the United States, he must balance the decisions of Congress and the Supreme Court. Many of his promises are either impossible, thought out poorly, or incredibly vague. Trump has stated multiple times that he wishes to build a wall along the border of the US and Mexico.

When questioned about the feasibility of this endeavor, he responded:. We can do a wall. Trump has not given Mexico a reason to foot the bill, nor has he addressed the massive cost of building a wall that stretches along around 2, miles of land. A previous effort to secure the border enacted by former president George W. Trump has also promised to deport all illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States. This would also tear apart families and potentially force people back to countries they fled due to dangerous conditions.

He has proven to be narcissistic, hypocritical, and unintelligent many times in the past. After his rival Ted Cruz won the Iowa Republican caucus, Trump refused to acknowledge that he was responsible for his defeat. Trump has also made hypocritical statements while campaigning. This statement has been criticized because Trump himself has been married three times.

Donald Trump has shown that he is not intelligent. During a rally, the crowd shouted racial slurs at and attacked civil rights activist and protester Mercutio Southall with punches and kicks Scherer There are many reasons why Donald Trump should not be elected in the US presidential election. He has shown no respect for the environment, makes statements that have offended many people, has no experience in politics, has vague or impossible plans, is a hypocritical narcissist, and has been shown to be of low intelligence.

Trump is currently the leading candidate in the Republican party. With the results of the first primaries coming in, it seems increasingly likely that Trump could somehow end up as the president of the United States. Trump won the New Hampshire primaries by a landslide, and came in a close second place in Iowa. During his time as president, both he and the US would be subjected to ridicule by both Americans and foreigners alike. As the election approaches, it is important to act now. Please do not vote for Donald Trump, and if anybody you know plans to vote for him, try to convince them otherwise.

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View this post on Instagram. Leave a Reply thesis for unemployment essay Your email address will not be published. Latest from Instagram. Never before in the recent history the American society had been so divided over judging whether the odious businessman is a morally good choice for the president — or a bad choice.

The number 45 hadn't been even inaugurated yet, but experts and media were already measuring the strength of their arguments why Donald Trump is good or bad for the US. Naturally, 'Donald Trump president essay' immediately emerged as one of the most popular themes for college and university papers all over the nation.

From PaperHelp. One can go bail for that the controversy over his role will remain actively discussed long after Trump leaves the White House. Probably, the emphasis will shift from judging to analyzing the reasons why the 45th president did or didn't do this or that, were his actions or inactivity good or bad for the economy and for democracy in the US.

Today, though, you have the chance to read a sample essay by a skilled political paper writer , evaluating Trump's role and mustering arguments why Donald Trump is bad for America. Or if you need strong argumentative, persuasive, exploratory or any other kind of essay paper but don't have time or inspiration to write it yourself, let us craft it for you!

Have you ever felt so strongly about a topic in which there is a load of evidence supporting your opinion, but you don't know where to begin? I could start with talk of misdemeanors, assault, and racist behavior, years before the presidency. Or I could start with stories of the presidential campaign where speeches were given telling supporters to assault people with differing opinions or how talks were given behind closed doors with foreign nations.

Or I could start with current day politics where reporters are banned from the White House, former presidential staff are being put on trial, and pivotal foreign and domestic humanitarian affairs are glossed over without a hint of empathy. There are so many places to begin in supporting my opinion that the 45th President of the United States, billionaire, playboy Donald John Trump is bad for the United States of America.

However, only one place seems right:. Throughout most of my educational journey , my Social Studies courses have discussed the position of the President of the United States. While no president is flawless, I personally believe there has not been one man who has disrespected the duties of each of these seven roles more than number Although the United States of America is known worldwide as a melting pot of cultures, religions, races, and differences, it has not embraced that melting pot fully.

This especially came to a turning point on November 8, , when news stations worldwide confirmed Republican candidate Donald John Trump as the winner of the Presidential Race. During the presidential race, Donald J. However, once put into this highly political role, Trump has floundered in the performative parts of the job, such as being Chief Diplomat and Chief of State. Every time he opens his mouth to play these roles, he only digs a deeper hole for himself and the direction of this country, making the country the opposite of great.

Since I am working on a minor in Global Engagement, I have studied many global leaders, and Donald Trump is not on that list. This is the opposite of a global leader, a person who thinks globally, appreciates cultural diversity, builds partnerships and alliances, and encompasses cooperativity and delegation. Certain countries, such as those from the Korean peninsula, the Middle East, and Europe, received his personal admiration and recognition. Trump personally believes he single-handedly brought about the meeting with the South Korean and North Korean leaders, which was validated in a letter for nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Repeatedly, he adamantly states Russia has done no wrong in reference to American politics and the presidential election. Currently, Trump is dealing with the backlash and inaction of the Jamal Khashoggi assassination in Saudi Arabia. While these countries hold his attention, others receive his scorn. Overall, the consequences of this favoritism and appalling foreign policy are a loss of influence with American allies as well as a loss of credibility in American values overseas Byman, Nevertheless, Trump will most likely not see the consequences during his remaining term, leaving this mess for his successor.

On the other hand, as Chief of State, the president is expected to speak for the whole nation and every type of American, expressing the goals and wishes of the American people. In his first State of the Union address earlier this year, Trump spoke on these values of national unity. Yet surprisingly, none of these values are put into practice as he widens the gap of differences between the American people.

Since he knows this is his support in the office, he does not openly condemn those people for their actions. In addition, he avoids the facts given for issues, such as climate change. As an African-American woman attending university, I can see the ripples of his rhetoric and actions around campus and in the news every day. This is a world where I have gained fear of what the next day will bring. Nevertheless, the one role I can see this president has embraced fully is the Chief Executive.

While many of the orders have been revoked as unconstitutional or unrealistic, some of them are still in action. With the singular focus of a businessman in charge, Trump follows his ego for the process of any executive actions done Drezner, Truthfully, even the one role Donald Trump enjoys contradicts against the statures of the other six roles, such as Chief Diplomat and Chief of State.

It is a position enriched with years of history and 44 presidents before this one. This position is broken into seven main roles for a reason, and none of those roles should be taken lightly. To be President of the United States means you have to handle each and every role efficiently. Each role means you are a symbol for someone or something, but the overarching role is to be a symbol of the United States. If the majority of the country is boycotting your policies, actions, and words, then there is a problem.

If a majority of your original White House staff and cabinet members have quit or been fired from their post, then there is a problem. If the majority of your actions are done without clearance from your PR team, then there is a problem. If your actions are done as short-term goals without care for the long-term consequences, then there is a problem. As President of the United States, you are no longer representing yourself, but an entire melting pot of differences.

But if you cannot respect the roles, you must undertake and the people you represent, then the 45th President of the United States of America is not an adequate symbol. From politicians to your ordinary Joe on the street to those who live halfway across the world, everyone has a different answer and a different perspective every day. For me, I can understand those different perspectives, but only one answer stands out to me based on my experiences, the experiences of my community, and the everyday news.

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