critical essay on scarlet letter theme

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Critical essay on scarlet letter theme cheap mba phd essay assistance

Critical essay on scarlet letter theme

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Hawthorne deliberately hints to possible redemption. Hester and Reverend Dimmesdale plan to escape and make their way to England. Hester deeply loves him and in England they could live free of the shame place on her by this puritan community.

The community is engulfed with the scandal and Hester leaves. Later she comes back and lives on her own until she dies. I think in this book nothing shown about human nature would have been undermined if it had ended well. Life is filled with suffering caused by human nature, yet it is also softened with times of love, laughter and joy.

In my view I would have seen their escape as evidence that no matter how dark the night there is at least the moon, if not noonday sun. They would be no less so if Hawthorne had allowed them to get to England. There they would have been able to be free of the stigma of the scarlet letter, giving hope to people trapped in bigoted communities that there are other places and other people with different views.

They would have shed light on their experiences and feelings, and given insight into a more realistic picture of life. The result is that Hawthorne admirably explored a part of live and the human nature. However, it is only part, because life consists not only of rejection despair fear and death that is only part of it. He did not have to give it a tragic end to make his point.

Additionally we can offer you custom essays on The Scarlet Letter topics and ideas. Just fill in the order form at our website! Writing Tips, Samples and News for Students. Critical Essay on The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne is just that, the tragic story of Hester Prynne, a women found guilty of adultery, her rejection, public humiliation, and her inner feelings and the effect on her community in The Scarlet Letter essay writing tips: Research information from a wide variety of sources.

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The Scarlet Letter: Critical Analysis. Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. This situation of symbolic marriage fixates on the American standard that marriage causes a woman to lose her identity, and increases her simplicity and ignorance. Works Cited Gussman, Deborah. New York: Viking Press, Stewart, Randall. Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Biography. New Haven: Yale University Press, A Farewell To Arms. A Midsummer Nights Dream.

A Modest Proposal. A Rose For Emily. A Tale Of Two Cities. Alice In Wonderland. Animal Farm. As I Lay Dying. Beauty And The Beast. Brave New World. Catcher In The Rye. Desiree'S Baby. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. Everyday Use. All rights reserved. Copying is only available for logged-in users.

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Hester was now living on the outskirts of town, isolated from neighbors and trying to communicate with her daughter Pearl. After many years of being swept out of society, Hester realized that her punishment was far worse than she deserved. Many times throughout the novel, Hawthorne sympathizes with Hester because of the emotional problems she encounters.

Hawthorne sees her as the victim quite often and blames it on her youth. She was forced to marry Roger Chillingworth at a young age, although she clearly had no feelings for him. She has nobody in her life. Her husband is lost at sea and she lives with nobody. Dimmesdale was the first man Hester really loved, and he feels that because of these circumstances, her punishment far outweighed her crime.

Throughout the novel, it is very clear that Hester does not abide by most Puritan traditions and she clearly is not very orthodox. However, at times in the novel, it seems that she has overcome her guilt and her love for Pearl is unmatched, yet the scarlet letter always reminds her of her adulterous sin. A human is very fragile and many things can hurt or upset them.

As Hawthorne expresses, it is clear to Puritans that they have little or no sympathy for unruly persons. Hawthorne feels that once she has overcome her guilt and has accepted her punishment, then Hester should be able to start over from scratch and unload this heavy burden from her back. This sin remains with Hester for seven years until her death, and the Puritan community never seems to forgive her for her sins.

It is very clear that in this novel, Hawthorne is attempting to express his feelings on Puritan life and their rigid beliefs towards transgressors. However, people should be able to leave the past behind them and start over, yet that never seems to happen, and Hester is forced to drag this guilt around with her, until her last breath of air. Nathaniel Hawthorne Believed that evil was a dominant force in the world—his work is dark,…. Tutor and Freelance Writer. Science Teacher and Lover of Essays.

Article last reviewed: St. Skip to content. Although The Scarlet Letter was published in , the author effectively describes the environment and setting via the use of a chronically ordered plot and the accurate perception of the world around him.

Pearl is used effectively as a symbol of sin and a representation of Impurity In the public view at the time of the novel. The novel Is a social commentary In that It disagrees with the concept of impurity and prejudice of the time.

The central themes are sin and the direct results of sin. The Scarlet Letter illustrates the consequences of Adultery and the chances for redemption through the development of the two main characters Hester and Timescale. Hester is able to confront her sins and work towards redemption and is thus rewarded with coming to peace with her past. Timescale, n the other hand, weighted with the guilt of what he has done slides deeper Into book, but how sin will weigh on the heart and how sin causes a person to act.

Throughout the story, sin was portrayed in a lot of ways, starting the adultery and the letter A in the first place. Then, baby Pearl is born and she is such a hassle. Some even believe that she is possessed. The underlying message of it all is that sin is an awful thing, but everyone does it.

Hester was Judged for committing adultery and the other major characters were punished for their sins slowly. But I think with this sin, came a sense of pride. Yes, Hester committed adultery, but she had the power in her to keep fighting and to embrace who she was, no matter what everyone else thought.

In the end, sin claimed TTS victims, but only when they let it and that is the fate of Chlorinating and the Reverend, but not Hester who persevered and made a life for herself, past her sins. I'm Erick! Would you like to get a custom essay?

How about receiving a customized one? Critical Analysis: the Scarlet Letter Essay. Check it out.

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