management function planning essay

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Management function planning essay apa style citation page example

Management function planning essay

Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources, were they need to follow three characteristics: 1. It is a process or series of continuing and related activities. It involves and concentrates on reaching organizational goals. These three things are normally made up by a group of senior managers or a leadership team.

Once these three things are decided upon, the upper management or leadership team should deliver the information to the management below them, so the important information is delivered to all levels of employees within the company. After the these three things have been set, most companies will post their vision, mission statement and core. The management functions of planning is a crucial function of management as it is setting goals for specific results and determining how to achieve those results Satterlee There are many aspects that impact planning within an organization such as it gives organization direction; decreases uncertainty;.

Considering planning is the first of the four functions of management, one can appreciate the importance and impact it has on the other functions. Production cannot begin and staff cannot be mobilized unless the planning phase has been completed.

Factors however, do exist which affect the planning. University of Phoenix The Planning Function of Management Introduction: Corporate America did not become who they are today by hiring vast numbers of random employees, but by hiring proven managers who can effectively implement successful plans to meet the Corporate objectives. Management is responsible for and is evaluated on how well they meet the organizational objectives through the effective and efficient use of resources.

A manager is evaluated by his or her performance of getting. However, when a project crosses a certain threshold level of size and complexity, informal planning has to be substituted by formal planning. The need for formal planning is indeed much greater for project work than for normal operations.

Without effective planning, there may be chaos Chandra, Originally, all body supplements are being produced by a pharmaceutical companies whose nature of business is to produce variety of medicines. Later on, the producers became mindful of the costs associated with ineffective planning which potentially results in poor quality of products of dietary supplements. If the planning foundation does not take place in an organization, then the other pillars of management known as organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling will not take place Cliffs Notes, Managers need to plan for achieving goals and objectives with as little errors, waste, and delays.

If many errors occur, a lot of waste, and delays happen, the organization will lose time, money, and possible sight. Throughout this article the author tells the reader about how strategic planning is a confident management function to have. Planning is closely related to the overall corporate culture, strategy and mission; a lot of factors need to be taken into account when developing the plan.

There are different forms of planning and each organization uses the one that is more appropriate for the situation. In addition, planning has different levels of complexity depending on how important are the outcomes of the planning. The receptionist might plan her daily activities while the human resource manager might plan the development of the new career advancement practice and at the same time, the top manager is planning to enter the new market segment.

These three examples all involve planning activity, but the processes of reaching the decision are very different in complexity. Receptionist can successfully plan her day based on the previous days. Human resource manager will need several weeks to collect the information about the available practices, evaluate the inner practice, identify the best alternative and plan on how to implement this alternative into the company structure.

Top manager might need several months to draw the plan because a lot of factors need to be taken into account including the environment inside the company, the position of the company on the global market, competitors and many other important issues. The higher rank the manager occupies within the company the more time planning process will take.

Higher level managers have the most difficult task — to plan the course the company will take. Their plans and decision will influence many parties including employees, partners and customers. The receptionist has the right to make mistakes because these mistakes will not affect anybody besides the receptionist herself. Top manager does not have this right to make mistakes because one wrong step might be devastating for the company. As it was already noted in the beginning, there are different types of plans which should be used depending on the situation the company is facing.

It is not possible to completely avoid crisis situations, however, the crisis planning helps managers to be prepared for unexpected events. Financial plans or budgets are developed by the financial managers who have the responsibility to allocate the resources, plan potential expenses and income. Obviously, financial planning should be done regularly. Integration plans when the company enters the new market or the new policy is offered to the employees are the hardest to implement because they lead to the changes within the company.

Chupa Chups Company has grown internationally since The success of this company is attributed to its aggressive approach in developing countries through partnerships with local firms. This step required a lot of planning and thorough reasoning.

Top management faced several problems while integrating into local economies and planning has helped to identify, understand and solve the problems. Chupa Chups has developed the multinational strategy based on the centralized structure and promoting the learning from experiences Buckley Analysis of the situation and planning helped the top management to introduce knowledge sharing system among all of their facilities.

The result was increased profits and market share. Proper planning has also helped Sainsbury to overcome the crisis and re-gain the market share. Crisis planning is one of the most difficult and highly important for companies because any factor can appear devastating if not foreseen by management. The management is committed to understanding the needs of different customer sectors and shaping the offer to respond through products, facilities and service.

Based on this analysis the planning for future is done. For example, SWOT analysis has located the following opportunity: Sainsbury has financial strength to acquire more supermarket chains, and possibly the opening of smaller stores to service local neighborhoods. The planning helped top management to decide which option is more attractive: to acquire large supermarket chains or to shift the emphasis to the smaller rural stores.

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The Planning Function of Management Management Planning The planning function of management provides goals, strategies, direction, and it defines responsibilities in any organization.

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