patriotism essay examples

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Patriotism essay examples volunteer tourism research paper

Patriotism essay examples


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Everyone can agree on that part of the definition. People argue though that if a citizen finds fault with their country it is unpatriotic. They are exhibiting tough love, like they would a child who is acting out. The Iraq War is a great example of people acting patriotically, not just the soldiers who are actively involved but the civilians at home as well. Not everyone supports the war; it is widely unpopular in America. In however, if a citizen spoke out against the war they were immediately labeled unpatriotic for expressing an opinion that went against the active actions of their country.

People who speak out are necessary though; they help keep a country in line and acting in a responsible accountable manner. They are being patriotic; they are concerned, active citizens who are taking a stand, giving feedback and caring about the perception of their nation. It entails acting in a manner that is perceived well worldwide. Compatriot means a fellow citizen, a neighbor in a sense.

The outpouring of support for Hurricane Katrina victims demonstrates the patriotic feelings of the United States more than hanging up a flag on Fourth of July and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. It is demonstrating support for the wellbeing of the nation. The nation cannot be strong if its citizens are not strongly concerned for one another.

Patriotism is a dedication to the ideals of the United States, that all men are created equal, that everyone has a chance to succeed, that freedom of speech and religion are vital to the well- being of the nation. It is the implementation of these ideals, taking action to ensure these rights, even when it means that one is in the minority.

Patriotism is a sense of duty that the United States will be the best it can be, that we will all work together to make it great and keep it strong. Patriotism is the devotion to the nation, and its causes.

Citizens help each other because they are what make up the nation, not because they want it to be better, but because they are part of it. Patriotism is holding in criticism because it only hurts the view of the nation. It is devoting oneself to the cause, whatever it may be. Eldredge was incorrect when she labeled opposing the Iraq War patriotic. Americans were right to call those who criticized the Iraq War unpatriotic.

It gave the impression that America was trying to give away its problem to other nations so that it could pull out of an unpopular war. John Murtha, a member of Congress, called for America to pull out of Iraq in He was correctly labeled unpatriotic for questioning the tactics of the war.

His opinion undermined the efforts the United States was making, and gave hope to the opposition. What I Learned I learned that ambiguous words are hard to pin down. Often, it is not the technical definition that is in question but rather the common use in society. It is hard to find actual quotes to collaborate my opinion of the word because often the author is referencing an undertone or act.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Patriotism is determined by sincerity even if one may not have the best ideas out there. I want America to remain the world leader in everything from education and scientific research to human rights and my wishes are more than enough to affirm my patriotism. I believe in obedience to the government for as long as it follows the will of the people.

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