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All nighter essay


Forcing yourself to stay up even for just one night is stressful enough already, and it can lead to burnout if you do it consistently. This kind of prolonged stress can be extremely harmful to your mental health and could do more harm than good to your writing. In fact, psychology experts from Maryville University link mental health to academic performance. Every writer knows how crucial it is to have focus and discipline when working on a paper.

Unfortunately, pulling an all-nighter diminishes this focus and limits your attention span. Researchers from the University of Turku highlight the connection between sleep deprivation and cognitive performance — the less shuteye you get, the harder it is to concentrate. Even just short fifteen or twenty-minute naps can help your brain rest and recover, especially when you spread them out throughout the night.

The logical thing to do when trying to stay up all night is rely on caffeine, right? When you drink too much coffee, you get a jolt of energy and then suffer a crash that you may not be able to fight. If you need some form of caffeine, take it easy on the coffee and opt for tea, instead. You may be able to avoid the caffeine altogether if you drink tons of water during your all-nighter. The most important tip for any writer before embarking on an all-nighter is to go in with a plan.

Structure your paper and set small goals that you can realistically achieve throughout the night. Reach out to our talented academic editors here on Edit to give your work that much-needed final touch, while you get your well-deserved rest. Your comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please visit the contact page for all inquiries. You may never have ventured there before, but the time is now.

If your essay doesn't require an internet connection, then kill it. Cut the ethernet cable if necessary. If you need internet access for work then I recommend installing Facebook limiter — software that allows you to block Facebook for a specified time period. Other procrastinations can be vanquished by willpower, which alas, is not downloadable online. Nourishment wise, you want a mix of carbs that slowly release energy — and the odd sweet treat as a reward.

I'd recommend a generous bowl of cereal or dried fruit and nuts. As a rule, if it grows on a tree or in the ground — gobble it up. Stay away from energy drinks, they're more or less evil. You peak and then crash, your energies having been expended on staring at the wall excitedly. If you must, have a coffee or a soft drink — they'll perk you up without delivering a hard landing 40 minutes later. We can be both productive and creative when working in short, focused sessions — so split up your remaining hours into energetic bursts.

Turn that all-nighter into an all-righter. Education Schools Teachers Universities Students. Blogging students Students. How to survive an all-nighter: a student's guide. We can be incredibly productive in short, focused sessions, says Tom Beardsworth. All you need is food, drink and focus. All-nighters: you can only avoid them for so long. Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian.

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All you need is food, drink and focus. The truth is that all-night essay crises have always been, and remain, dreadful. The most important tip for any writer before embarking on an all-nighter is to go in with a plan. You're less likely to waste time on social. (never done an all nighter for work purposes before) so stressed but I And you're choosing to write a probably sub standard essay in one horrible night?