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Subscribers can get insights into the state of content in in this minute webinar featuring Content Science founder Colleen Jones. When you register for a free account with us or when you subscribe, you get access to a set of features to help you personalize your experience: My Library.

Get our pro tips here. Colleen Jones offers tips to avoid the risk of pretty but impractical user journeys for content strategy. Colleen Jones introduces content roles that will equip your enterprise with the content capacity necessary to evolve into a thriving digital business. Learn key statistics about content growth and more from our content omniverse fact sheet. Get key facts about Millennial audience segments and online content consumption habits.

Data visualization is a powerful, persuasive tool to discern unexpected patterns and anomalies. Leveraging machine learning to enable content automation can help you and your content team make sense of your customer data. Here's how. Take a systematic approach to your content strategy by integrating the right software and utilizing content analytics. Content that uses emotive language performs nearly twice as well as purely factual content. Learn more in this guide from Acrolinx.

Learn why one page is rarely enough to rank for competitive topics and how to build a content cluster that positions you as an authority in this MarketMuse whitepaper. Latest Popular Content Strategy. July 1, July 27, To achieve that you need to first make sure your communication is branded and memorable. Any information about the product or the shipping details should be sent by you, not the dispatching company.

The second thing you need to do, is to communicate, regularly. You may be wondering — How often should I send emails to my customers? There isn't a single right answer as it will depend on the type of business you are in and the products you are selling. In most cases, at least once a month. Ideally however, you'll have enough valuable content to send out an email at least once a week.

To be safe, just check your emails' performance. If you see that your opt-outs are getting out of control or subscribers are losing interest in your content, then you should turn it down a little. You can also simply give your readers a choice, either through a preference center or a separate mailing list for those who don't want to hear from you that often.

Last but not least, you should offer your audience other ways to stay in touch. They might not read their email as often as they check their social media channels. Or maybe they prefer to receive web push notifications or SMS text messages? By increasing the number of touch points through which your users can interact with the brand you are improving your chances of staying in their mind for longer, and being remembered.

This rule shouldn't even exist but the reality is unfortunately different. Both in the offline and the online world, people should be genuinely kind to each other and show good manners. Saying thank you after someone's made a decision to shop at your store is one of such situations. They could have chosen to spend their money elsewhere but they chose to do business with you. Why not return the favor?

Nothing is stopping you from following up with a simple thank you message. An automated email can reassure them that they have made a good decision. On top of that, it can show them that you put a lot of effort into how your products are made and who they are purchased by. Another rule that will make your post-purchase communication effective is to make it helpful. This one is important especially when it comes to more expensive products. When a customer makes a decision to purchase something valuable, they most probably want it to last for as long as it's possible.

That means they will appreciate all the tips and guidelines that can help them take better care of the items they have just ordered. If you have any video tutorials, FAQs, or recommendations — now is the time to use them. Add them into your post-purchase automated email sequence and make sure your products last longer and act as a physical advertisement of your brand. Another way that you can be helpful is through sending replenishment emails. Through those you can remind your customers that it might be the best moment to make another order, before they run out of their favorite product.

Although I've mentioned this in one my last articles, I still feel it's very important to ask your customers for feedback. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, consumers trust online reviews almost just as much as they trust recommendations from their actual friends. That means using them as social proof can help you sell your products more easily. Secondly, thanks to feedback you can get into your customers' minds. You can learn about the concerns that they have, product aspects they find important, or the kind of language that they use to describe your products.

Genuine reviews are invaluable. And that applies even to the negative ones. Following the old adage "there's no such thing as bad press" it is actually true that negative feedback can bring a positive outcome. By showing their pain points customers can turn your attention to important product aspects you might otherwise be missing. They are also spreading word about your brand and if you act quickly, you can show that you care about your customers in front of a larger audience.

If you want to learn more on how to get feedback through emails, I highly recommend this article on the hidden power of the survey email. Is shopping in your store considered a positive experience? Are your products making peoples' days better? If the answer is yes, why not let them share the excitement with others?

Post-purchase communication can work in your favor in various ways. One way, for instance, is by generating you more leads. Your customers probably know other like-minded people that could be interested in visiting your site. By giving them the right incentive and an easy solution you could turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Consider implementing a referral program and adding a social sharing solution to your post-purchase communication.

Ask your happy customers to share the information about their favorite brand with others. As I said at the beginning of this article, one of the key benefits of selling online is the possibility of achieving scale. You can do business with thousands of people around the whole globe, regardless of where you're located. This means that you can deal with all the different kinds of people — from different countries and time zones, too.

They could be browsing your site when you're fast asleep. Shopping when you're out for the weekend. Does that mean they should be waiting for your response until you're back in the office? If you want to maintain a high level of customer service and run your communication effectively, you can't just rely on your physical capabilities.

That's why you should automate at least some of your communication efforts. That includes welcome emails, shipping confirmation, up-selling and cross-selling communication, and so on. While it may seem that automated communication will take away the human factor of your emails, you don't have to worry.

Using dynamic content, your messages can be fully personalized so that your subscribers won't tell the difference. Instead, they will be happy to receive their emails on time.


To succeed in digital communication, marketers, public relations representatives, and community managers need tools and techniques to connect with consumers across touch-points. With the right resources, communications professionals can build strategic campaigns that reach target audiences and deliver personalized experiences. Here are essential digital communication platforms and strategies for boosting organizational and personal brands. This might involve launching social media campaigns, distributing email newsletters, running banner ads, or publishing native advertising articles.

Businesses can use digital communication to expand their reach, share specialized messaging, and build valuable relationships with their audiences. Marketers can use email to reach consumers directly through their inbox, where they already receive correspondence from family, friends, and colleagues.

According to Adobe, consumers spend 2. Additionally, eMarketer reported that Digital communication is often synonymous with social media communication. Social media allows people across the world to connect with friends, family, celebrities, and brands through bite-sized textual and visual content.

Communications professionals can use popular social media platforms to build brands in different ways:. Facebook is the most popular social network, with over 2. Frequent algorithm changes have caused organic reach to decline, as users favor posts from friends and family over content from brands and publications, according to Digiday. Mass media communication has traditionally encompassed TV, radio, and movies — outlets that reach a wide audience with universally consumable content.

As poet W. Meanwhile, digital communication platforms, including Netflix and Hulu, have partially replaced TV, and podcasts have emerged as an alternative to radio. Along with regularly producing digital content, such as on their websites and social feeds, brands can also invest in advertising communication campaigns across digital channels.

It provides students with the resources they need to succeed in digital media and forge the future of online marketing. With concentrations in Strategic Communication and Emerging Media Strategy and Social Media, this program is designed to foster the next generation of media experts.

Students can build a portfolio of professional writing, get hands-on experience through internships, and learn specialized skills for creating online communities. Recent graduates have attained positions as digital media specialists, PR representatives, and social media coordinators, for example. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, new technologies will emerge to transform business communications.

A robust degree program can arm professionals with the tools they need to effectively strategize, adapt, and engage online audiences in their chosen field. Forbes Quotes, Thoughts on the Business of Life. Google, Your Guide to Google Ads. Skip to main content. Apply Brochure. Generating awareness: Companies can cast a wide net to let potential customers know about products, services, and values. Driving conversions : Campaigns can inspire customers to move through the marketing funnel and buy products, either online or at a brick-and-mortar location.

Creating customer experiences: Campaigns can be customized to build unique experiences and brand affinity through targeted social campaigns, one-on-one messaging apps, or livestream videos. Delivering customer service: Community managers can answer real-time questions to solve issues or follow up with satisfied customers to go the extra mile.

Managing risk: Businesses can conduct damage control by building brand affinity and improving brand reputation after a mishap. Providing entertainment: Marketers can give audiences more of the content they enjoy, such as engaging video series or funny articles. Educating consumers: Companies can address customer pain points and help them improve their lives through informative digital content.

Reach Audiences Through Email Marketers can use email to reach consumers directly through their inbox, where they already receive correspondence from family, friends, and colleagues. For example, brands can send one batch of emails to new customers, a second to customers who need to be re-engaged, and a third to loyal customers. According to Marketo, the ideal length of a subject line is seven words or 41 characters.

Communications professionals can use popular social media platforms to build brands in different ways: Facebook is effective for building an engaged social community, either through an official brand page or through relevant groups. Since Google owns YouTube, brands should also consider using search engine optimization tactics so their videos show up in search results.

Twitter: Topics such as television, sports, and world news do well on Twitter, according to its Year in Review. Brands and consumers use the platform to live-tweet their favorite events, follow and contribute to trending hashtags, and connect one-on-one through public interactions or direct messages.

Data-driven direct marketing might seem a little creepy or even nefarious, and certainly it can be when marketers are insensitive or unethical in their use of consumer data. Direct marketing also takes place in a crowded, saturated market in which people are only too willing to toss junk mail and unsolicited email into trash bins without a second glance. Electronic spam filters screen out many email messages, so people may never even see email messages from many of the organizations that send them.

Heavy reliance on data also leads to the challenge of keeping databases and contact information up to date and complete, a perennial problem for many organizations. Finally, direct marketing implies a direct-to-customer business model that inevitably requires companies to provide an acceptable level of customer service and interaction to win new customers and retain their business.

Personal selling uses in-person interaction to sell products and services. In addition to enhancing customer relationships, this type of marketing communications tool can be a powerful source of customer feedback, as well. Good salespeople offer advice, information, and recommendations, and they can help buyers save money and time during the decision process.

Attending to these aspects of personal selling contributes to a strong, trusting relationship between buyer and seller. The most significant strength of personal selling is its flexibility. Salespeople can tailor their presentations to fit the needs, motives, and behavior of individual customers. A salesperson is also in an excellent position to encourage the customer to act.

The one-on-one interaction of personal selling means that a salesperson can effectively respond to and overcome objections—e. Salespeople can also offer many customized reasons that might spur a customer to buy, whereas an advertisement offers a limited set of reasons that may not persuade everyone in the target audience. Personal selling also minimizes wasted effort. In personal selling, the sales force pinpoints the target market, makes a contact, and focuses effort that has a strong probability of leading to a sale.

High cost is the primary disadvantage of personal selling. With increased competition, higher travel and lodging costs, and higher salaries, the cost per sales contract continues to rise. Many companies try to control sales costs by compensating sales representatives through commissions or by using complementary techniques, such as telemarketing, direct mail, toll-free numbers for interested customers, and online communication with qualified prospects.

Another weakness of personal selling is message inconsistency. As a result, it can be difficult to find a unified company or product message within a sales force or between the sales force and the rest of the marketing mix. Sales promotions are a marketing communication tool for stimulating revenue or providing incentives or extra value to distributors, sales staff, or customers over a short time period. Companies use many different forms of media to communicate sales promotions, such as printed materials like posters, coupons, direct mail pieces and billboards, radio and television ads, digital media like text messages , email, websites, social media, and so forth.

Most consumers are familiar with common sales promotion techniques including samples, coupons, point-of-purchase displays, premiums, contents, loyalty programs, and rebates. In addition to their primary purpose of boosting sales in the near term, companies can use consumer sales promotions to help them understand price sensitivity. Sales promotions can also be a valuable—and sometimes sneaky—way to acquire contact information for current and prospective customers.

Many of these offers require consumers to provide their names and other information in order to participate. Electronically-scanned coupons can be linked to other purchasing data, to inform organizations about buying habits. All this information can be used for future marketing research, campaigns and outreach. Consumer sales promotions can generate loyalty and enthusiasm for a brand, product, or service. Frequent flyer programs, for example, motivate travelers to fly on a preferred airline even if the ticket prices are somewhat higher.

Sales promotions are a good way of energizing and inspiring customer action. Improving these relationships can lead to higher sales, stocking of other product lines, preferred business terms and other benefits. Another risk with too-frequent promotions is that savvy customers will hold off purchasing until the next promotion, thus depressing sales.

Often businesses rush to grow quickly by offering sales promotions, only to see these promotions fail to reach their sales goals and target customers. The temporary boost in short term sales may be attributed to highly price-sensitive consumers looking for a deal, rather than the long-term loyal customers a company wants to cultivate.

Sales promotions need to be thought through, designed, and promoted carefully. Failure to do so can be costly in terms of dollars, profitability and reputation. If businesses become overly reliant on sales growth through promotions, they can get trapped in short-term marketing thinking and forget to focus on long-term goals. If, after each sales dip, a business offers another sales promotion, it can be damaging to the long-term value of its brand. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for using digital tools to promote and market products, services, organizations and brands.

As consumers and businesses become more reliant on digital communications, the power and importance of digital marketing have increased. There are several essential tools in the digital marketing tool kit: email, mobile marketing, websites, content marketing and search-engine optimization SEO , and social media marketing. Websites represent an all-in-one storefront, a display counter, and a megaphone for organizations to communicate in the digital world.

For digital and brick-and-mortar businesses, websites are a primary channel for communicating with current and prospective customers as well as other audiences. A good website provides evidence that an organization is real, credible, and legitimate. Social media are distinctive for their networking capabilities: they allow people to reach and interact with one another through interconnected networks. Social media allows for organic dialogue and activity to happen directly between individuals, unmediated by a company.

Companies can and should listen, learn, and find ways to participate authentically. Websites have so many advantages that there is almost no excuse for a business not to have one. Effective website marketing declares to the world that an organization exists, what value it offers, and how it does business. Websites can be an engine for generating customer data and new business leads.

An electronic storefront is often dramatically less expensive than a physical storefront, and it can serve customers virtually anywhere in the world with internet access. Websites are very flexible and easy to alter. Organizations can try out new strategies, content and tactics at relatively low cost to see what works and where changes pay off. The advantages and benefits of social media marketing focus heavily on the two-way and even multidirectional communication between customers, prospects, and advocates for your company or brand.

By listening and engaging in social media, organizations are better equipped to understand and respond to market sentiment. Social media helps organizations identify and cultivate advocates for its products, services, and brand, including the emergence of customers who can become highly credible, trusted voices to help promote the brand. At the same time, digital marketing strategies carry costs and risks. Websites require some investment of time and money to set up and maintain.

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They take feedback and guidance very seriously and their work reflects this. The secret to winning customers? Consumers who read educational content from a brand before purchase were more likely to convert — even one week later. By Charity Stebbins July 6, But do you know just how powerful that beginning is? Our new content marketing research shows that providing early-stage, educational content has a profound impact on purchase decisions and brand trust.

Take a look at the complete findings in our full report:. We determined this by testing 3 different articles using mock brands with both a control and a test group. We surveyed them immediately after they read the content, and then again a week later to understand the impact of time. When given a lineup of 4 brands to purchase from, And beyond purchase power, educational content has a powerful effect on consumer trust and brand affinity.

This means that when a consumer interacts with content, their brand affinity actually compounds with time, rather than diminishes. Content creates a feeling of reciprocity immediately, and as time passes, that positive memory becomes idealized — a phenomenon that psychologists call rosy retrospection — and the trust and relationship grow even when they are not in direct contact with your brand. We showed this research to 6 marketing experts that we admire to get their take on these findings:.

Brands need to understand that the days of interruptive marketing are over. Consumers control when, where, and how they interact with brands. In order to break through, brands need to stop interrupting what consumers are interested in and become what they are interested in.

Interruptions upset consumers, and the only real way to gain the trust of the consumer is for the brand to create creative and content that adds value first, meaning it either informs, educates, entertains, or solves a problem for them. Content marketing does just that, and if it does those things and is relevant, the consumer will appreciate that and over time and will remember the positive interaction, which builds trust, and ultimately builds brand loyalty.

The fact that high quality, educational, content creates more trust, a more likely buyer and more loyalty feels like something we should just know inherently. But this research is fantastic in that it illustrates just exactly how much impact educational content can have. Trust, like attention, is a precious commodity these days.

And, anything that helps us deliver a more trusted experience to our customers should be prioritized to the top of the list. This research from Conductor shows us just how much of a priority educational content should be for businesses. These two statistics put numbers to what marketers have been saying forever — content builds brands.

This is also the reason why many businesses are focusing so hard on net promoter score, as cementing a positive perception of your business in the minds of your customers is the right long term play for a business.

And content can help here. You build loyalty by helping someone with something, so then when they are ready to buy they remember that.

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Frequently bought together · This item: Content Strategy in Technical Communication (ATTW Series in Technical and Professional Communication). by Guiseppe Getto. Marketing Communications: Interactivity, Communities and Content: Business Communication Books @ See All Buying Options. Ideally however, you'll have enough valuable content to send out an email at least once a week. To be safe, just check your emails' performance. If you see that.