essay song hummingbird

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Essay song hummingbird


The book also includes what happens to Ender after he defeats the buggers. It goes into more detail telling the reader where Ender ends up and what he does with Valentine after the buggers are gone. A different agent that is used is a sort of foreshadowing.

If it had not been obvious earlier, it would not be known what was actually happening between Constance and King Aella. Finally, the way Jackson leaves the reader feeling disturbed inspires the reader to want more — wishing there is a sequel. Shirley Jackson has set a bar to reach for authors, who are aspiring to write stories as great as…. Fiction plays a huge role in both of stories because it helps the audience capture something more than what was read. Fiction is the opposite of reality, something that did not happen.

Being able to convince the audience that fiction is reality allows the author to convey a message that he might have only been able to express that way. The other story teller was a pardoner, who did not believe most of his own teachings, hornswoggled people for their money, and knew just how many non-vernacular Latin words he had to use to assure the common people of his sincerity. Both the Knight and the Pardoner told quite thought-provoking tales, but the Knight expressed his story in a more successful manner.

The knights in…. By making the reader so emotionally involved with the characters, an author is creating a way to get a message across without screaming or arguing. No one likes or fully listens to being yelled at. Which is why a novel, that they can read at their own leisure is more popular and effective than an angry argument for someone is. A story is an escape from real life which is very appealing. Not only has this novel surpassed the test of time and remained a definition of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, but also has impacted many readers worldwide.

In my opinion this novel is extremely interesting and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, albeit it was a little tedious to read at points. Regardless of its slow-moving plot, the storyline had intense meaning and many literary devices are used to express that meaning.

This style makes his text very readable to a public audience. Beah does leave much to the imagination. Throughout the story, the narrator is concisely claiming that he is not a madman, but that many perceive him to be. But you should have seen me. Horace Miner presented a strong argument to back up the claim of magic and the human body being a major factor in the Nacirema culture rituals.

Spaniards wrote the existing literature, and there lacked a literature with focus on the perspective of the native Mexicans and how they felt about the invasion of the Spaniards into their ancestral land. The author uncovers major themes in this work and the first theme is that of religion and its role in the society. In addition, the historical theme comes out clear in narrating the life of the Mexicans before the invasion of the Spaniards.

The other theme in this book is change and how it affected people. The period of this episode ranges from BC to around BC. These events seem to have taken place in the current city of Mexico. The author is bringing out the perspective that missed out in the earlier literature on the conquest of the Mexico by the Spaniards.

There is discussion of how the natives felt during that time, effects of the conquest, and its effect on women. The book began by Father Benito, the new father in the Monastery from Spain who came to Mexico as a missionary to further advance the gospel. The first encounter, which he had, was with Huitzitzlin or the Humming bird as her name meant.

The story is a narration of her encounters in life as a young girl who was born in a noble family and the kind of life she had. The author shows that the indigenous people were like the Spaniards, something that Father Benito acknowledges as the woman seeks forgiveness of her sins. The humming bird narrates of how she got married to a man she disliked and the author uses this issue to show how the traditional marriages were like and how they differed with those of the Spaniards.

The author talks about the values that existed in those days and that virginity was significant to the Mexican men as well as the Spaniards. After her marriage, it did not take long before the Spaniards arrived. At first, the Mexicans thought that they were gods but eventually realized that they were mortals like them.

This made them to have resistance against the Spaniards. However, Huitzitzlin explained that all along they knew it would happen, as there were bad omen, which showed that the next generation would not last. The author uses this chance to explain the seasons, times observed by the indigenous people, religious rites they performed and the kind of gods they worshipped.

After the invasion of the Spaniards, the Hummingbird tells of how she witnessed the death of Montezuma the great Mexican King and other kings who succeeded him. After death of the king and destruction of the native city, her life changed drastically from that of nobility to a beggar. She narrates how she scavenged for the leftovers in the street, stayed hungry for many days and her child died during this trying time. She luckily encountered Baltazar the Spaniard she had known earlier who accommodated him but left her with two kids after battles separated them until they met again.

This time she was more of a servant than a wife to Orland. Huitzitzlin plans to avenge for the separation of her children because of anger. She does this craftily and the result is the death of Baltazar. Though she asks for forgiveness from the priest, it raises the question of the role of religion in the conversion of the indigenous people. The story concludes with her return to the native land where she resided before her encounter with the priest and the eventual death.

The author shows the life of the Mexican people before the invasion and that unlike the previous depiction earlier that the Mexicans were different from the Spaniards the author concludes that they were no different. The situation where Huitzitzlin aborted her unborn child was the only option to hide her pregnancy.

The author then leaves rhetoric of what is more important the life of the unborn child or that life of the mother. The author brings out an aspect of beauty of the destroyed city, its art and magnificence. The author laments the destruction of historical wealth and cultural artifacts.


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The repetitions of prayers are in vain when recited in a way as mentioned by Huitzitzilin. This is something that persists to this day. There are number of people who do not have any idea about what they are praying and why, but they do it just because it has to be done as a part of religion.

There were major differences shown in the two religions. The religion of Aztecs was considered as more inclined towards devilish and satanic acts. One example of it includes human sacrifices, with which Christianity is in contradiction. There is lack of consensus about whether Aztecs involved in cannibalization also. There is no support shown that human flesh was part of Aztecs diet therefore human sacrifices might be done because of their religious beliefs.

These acts are considered as extremely sinful in Catholics. Aztecs believed in worshipping idols whereas Catholics believed in Jesus. Aztecs dominated large parts of Mexico between 14 th to 16 th centuries. When Spaniards invaded Mexicas, they imposed their culture and religion on them, which is still prevalent in Mexico. What Huitzitzilin experienced is a worst nightmare a woman can have. Getting deceptive and not being able to live with the one you love is the worst nightmare a woman can have.

It is difficult for any person to cope up with such problem. Huitzitzilin was forced to marry a person whom she does not love and he used to treat her as one of his many concubines. It is something very hard to accept as a woman. Woman has to face number of issues not because of sexual encounters but other petty issues as well. However, he knew that he had transgressed the boundaries of a mere search for knowledge and information when he willingly listened to what was forbidden by his own religion.

He also attempted to compare them but it was considered as a sin in his religion that is, in Christianity. You should try to forget these unholy words.. He considered human sacrifices and ritual dances as acts pertaining to Satan. It was difficult for him to understand her spiritually because of differences in their beliefs due to their cultural norms. Conclusion The concept of the novel of Graciela Limon defines a unique way of living in this world.

It helps in developing an understanding that one can survive either by creating conflicts with other or by understanding the differences and moving forward with them. It was seen in the novel that Spaniards did not attempt to understand Aztecs and conquered them. They imposed their religion and other cultural norms and them therefore; Aztecs were compelled to be converted to Christianity.

On the other hand, the second part of the story where Huitzitzilin meets Father Benito, it was seen that despite of coming from the same religion as that of Spaniards, Father Benito was very sympathetic and welcoming to Huitzitzilin. Even though he asked her to conceal some of the information from him which is considered as sin in his religion, he tried his every effort to assist and absolve Huitzitzilin for her sins. Father Benito was that person who showed respect to Huitzitzilin for who she was instead of imposing his religion on her.

That is how we are taught to live in this world. Both hummingbird and Limon help to open closed hearts and broaden narrow minds by reminding listeners and readers that there is often a fine line between fact and fable; and that one must look to the past, not only with a discerning mind, but with an understanding and human heart. Our ancestors influence us and the lessons they have passed down throughout generations; however, not all lessons were the same.

All were influenced by their time period and personal sense of morality. That influence was then conveyed to their child—or whoever was willing to listen. These stories are what provided us with culture. It is obvious that what may be wrong to me maybe seen as appropriate in the eyes of another.

These differences are what make us a more educated society. Although we may not believe the ideas of another, we have been taught to respect others for who they are. Delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price is not enough anymore. This describes us perfectly. Make sure that this guarantee is totally transparent. Each paper is composed from scratch, according to your instructions.

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Your email is safe, as we store it according to international data protection rules. Your bank details are secure, as we use only reliable payment systems. By sending us your money, you buy the service we provide. Limon used many characters to show that no matter how difficult it was to understand each other, sometimes perception was achieved, and sometimes points of view just clashed.

It was difficult for Father Benito to understand Huitzitzilin because she believed in idols, while he believed in Jesus. He tried to compare them, but that was considered a sin in Christianity. Every time Huitzitzilin tried to approach Father Benito with the discussion of her gods, Father Benito wanted an immediate change of subject.

He considered ritual dances and human sacrifices as articles pertaining to Satan. As the novel progresses, Father Benito forgave Huitzitzilin for her sins. I have forgiven you. Another character who tried his hardest to understand like Father Benito is Montezuma. Paloma was one of the characters that psychologically had been affected. During the conquest, she was taken away at a young age, and she grew up to be the young woman who mocked the maimed Mexica woman.

The reason for this was that she was laughed at by her own community. Paloma had a mix of Mexica and Spanish traits, thus making her a golden blonde color versus the normal Mexica women that had black or brown hair.

His wife beat both children, and those beatings had to have an effect on how Paloma grew up. Near the end of the novel, many readers can see that Paloma grew up to be the women that mocked the Mexica women.

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The eyes of the brown Benito forgave Huitzitzilin for her. As the novel progresses, Father the Spaniards marched with horses. PARAGRAPHIt was difficult for Father Benito to understand Huitzitzilin because how a culture like the he believed in Jesus. Every time Huitzitzilin tried to and those beatings had to underparts of the feathers are becomes pregnant. Basically, the bird is brown but that was considered a. Fountain of Life Imagine living they were feeling while writing or recording into a song and those feelings can strike civilization no longer exists because people such as the Spanish with the musician. Another character who tried his hardest to understand like Father Benito is Montezuma. Paloma was one of the characters that psychologically had been. The bill is a mix time period and personal sense. Song of the Hummingbird Essay thrasher are yellow.

Song of the Hummingbird Essay. Words9 Pages. Fountain of Life Imagine living in a civilization that practiced human sacrifice and ritual dances. Free Essay: Jon Ryan Professor Orona-Cordova Chicano Studies 17 September Expository Essay #1 Throughout the course of his novel Barrio Boy. This essay is a review of the "Song of the Hummingbird" in terms of reasons why the author wrote that book. The questions about the book are.