conflict management reflective essay

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Conflict management reflective essay best college essay writing service for college

Conflict management reflective essay


In other words, Conflict occurs when there are two or more competing values, beliefs, opinions or responses to a single event. Secondly there is interpersonal conflict which is a conflict that emerges between two or more parties where the belief of one party opposes the beliefs of the other party Brandt, Holt and Sullivan, The third type of conflict involves an intergroup conflict which is the conflict between two or more groups or teams within an organization.

Apart from learning about conflict causes and types, I have also learnt about conflict management strategies which have proved to be very important. In this regard, conflict management strategies such as Collaboration, Compromise, Competition, Accommodation and Avoidance are vital Tyler-Evans and Evans, The solution arrived at satisfies both parties fifty percent each, hence, help to build commitment and reduce bad feelings among the parties.

Moreover, learning of negotiation has enabled me to acquire fundamental principles that facilitate successful negotiations. Thereafter, evaluation of options is necessary that leads to a written agreement and enhance commitment between the parties to ensure that each party to the conflict must be confident that the others will carry out their parts of the agreement. The outcome of my learning is in terms of improved perception about conflict management and negotiations.

Most important aspect that have changed positively, is the discovery that conflicts can not be avoided in social settings like in critical care unit that involve diversified persons also reflect opinions, emotions, values, needs and perception diversity. The fascinating aspect of it all is the value and usefulness derived from conflicts. As noted by Archibald conflict is necessary to address problems, help people recognize the benefits of differing opinions and bring about change to organizations based on the various positions and sources of conflict.

Furthermore, conflict enhances growth and innovation, new ways of thinking, and can bring about additional management options Tyler-Evans and Evans, On the contrast unresolved conflict can cause decreased cohesion among the team members, distraction of individuals from their tasks, decreased productivity, increased costs through absenteeism, higher mediation costs, and Increase in stress in the workforce Brandt, Holt and Sullivan, Working environment that regard to critical care units, leadership and conflict management are vital areas for the successful performance of the unit.

Therefore, a practical approach to competencies for leadership principles and practices of conflict management are and negotiations are vital to critical care nurses. Findings indicate that health care is in crisis due to preventable workplace conflict.

These preventable conflicts leads to avoidable costs resulting from conflict between people in the workplace who should and could work together cooperatively, this drive up the cost of care Brahm, Therefore, this learning enables me to prepare for facilitating social competencies at critical care units in the country and world to minimize costs associated with avoidable conflicts.

Conflict at workplace has adverse effects such as difficult in retention of good employees particularly nurses and other direct patient-care providers, lead to job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover. For instance, the national average of voluntary resignations that result substantially from unresolved conflict accounts to over 65 percent. While the cost of replacing a specialty nurse is percent of annual salary College of Nurses of Ontario Therefore, the cost-benefit of retaining just one nurse by resolving a conflict is economical than replacing.

This course helps me to gain better understanding of the sources and outcomes of conflict within nursing work environments that informs the prevention of such conflicts. However, in order to understand well the application of the knowledge and skills gained, there is need to have a practical approach since practice make perfect. Some essential strategies to gain the practical competence in conflict resolution include group discussion with classmates and applying the skills to resolve conflicts and disagreements with our study group Archibald, This group setting correlates to the working environment of critical care nursing units.

Fortunately, as a leader of my study group, it gives me an upper hand to even experience leadership perspective from nursing point of view. Critical care units such as intensive care units ICUs are facilities within health care where substantial parts of hospital budgets are consumed. In addition to that, large quantities of human resources are allocated to these units; as a result, good management is vital for a successful, adequate and appropriate use of people and money allocated College of Nurses of Ontario Therefore, management aspects cannot be overlooked.

In order to enhance the usefulness of human and money resources allocated to critical care units of hospitals, leadership is a vital tool of design to be used as an avenue. The knowledge about types of leadership according to Tyler-Evans and Evans , gives me two types of situational leadership: task behavior and relationship behavior.

In this regard, relationship behavior approach implies that the leader focuses on a good relationship with his or her team. This is accomplished through maintaining the personal relationship by communicating and listening, by providing emotional support, and by offering facilitating and supporting behavior. While on the other side task behavior implies that the leader is oriented towards the necessary tasks through organizing and defining the roles of the group and explains what activities are to be undertaken.

According to my analysis and synthesis, there is no one best form of leadership from these two types. Therefore, the option I have come up with is that as a leader is to match different style to conflict requirements and the context of the situation on the ground. This means that I may have to use different styles with different coworkers in order to bring collaboration, increase involvement and participation and also ensure authority be respected.

This combined strategy could help in dealing with problems with time constraint without weakening group rapport or dealings. The most challenging style to work in such time constraint work environment would be With avoidance style of management. They deny all the issues needed to be resolved and internalize stress which in turn could effect the whole group and affect the quality and efficiency of the group.

In this method, assertiveness has mild usefulness. However, for such a time allotted game this strategy should provide harmony in groups and to find immediate solution. I just used this strategy for game planning and playing. However I had to change my Style of approach from compromising to assertive style intermittently when I found clue or answer to puzzle.

Likewise in our group, competiting, accommodating, compromising styles also emerged during various stages of game playing. Due to this I had to overcome my personal conflicts of doubt and had to adopt thinking like a group instead of just being an individual. I would have tried to do joint problem solving approach. This would help me in getting to understand the different perspectives of the ideas of each person in the group to solve puzzles or problems.

This method improves group dynamics and reduce hard feelings and internal conflicts that could have been interfering with an interpersonal relationship. We could improve upon our collaborative style of approach and do a little bit of research on the type of puzzles and games which could be included in the activity. This could help us to give an idea of what and where the clue or answer to a puzzle would lie and the result would be a better, efficient approach to the problem solving and time management.

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Conflict management and negotiations According to Marquis, Huston, () they defines conflict as a natural We will write a custom essay sample on. Free Essays from Bartleby | Conflict is a fact of life - for individuals, conflict is reflection of an insufficient knowledge of the dynamics of. This reflective essay will looking at analysis skills in relation, to the evaluation of the Whilst, the weakness are: time management and cohesiveness.